something sexy…just because

Shifting gears away from all-things-Covid-19 and towards some fiction.

I took down most of my fiction from this blog a long time ago but I felt like randomly posting an old excerpt of a little something-something since the A to Z Challenge starts next week.

If you have never read any of my fiction writing, below is a little taste of something sexy…just because I felt like it. I truly like this character and look forward to writing her again – hopefully soon.

You can find some of my other writing under the Short Fiction menu tab above.


Naughty Girls Need Love Too

When I licked Jake’s earlobe, his breathing became labored and his chest heaved against mine.

It took mere seconds to feel just how much he wanted me. Jake’s palms ran along my legs, found their way behind my knees and gave me one forceful tug forward so that I found myself straddling him instead of his motorcycle.

Motorcycles turned me on all on their own but Jake on a motorcycle was deadly.

“You’re playing a dangerous game with someone you barely know Gabriella,” Jake whispered into my ear, giving me goosebumps all over my body.

“Call me Ella. I think we know each other well enough for you to call me Ella. All of my friends do.” I fingers through his hair and felt him shudder.

“Ella,” Jake groaned into my hair. “Is this what you do when a man offers you a ride home?”

The more I sucked on his earlobe, the harder Jake tried to close the already non-existent gap between us.

“Not always,” I teased. “Only with the ones I find…interesting.”

“You’re lethal Ella. Dangerous…”

“Tell me to stop what I’m doing and I will.” I stopped and waited for the “stop” I knew would never leave his lips. “For all I know, you might be the dangerous one.” I’d had my people do a background check on him after that brawl at the club so I already knew what I needed to about him.

“Me? Dangerous? I’m more a danger to myself than I would ever be to you,” Jake said, kissing my neck. “Between us, the only dangerous one is you Ella.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m more naughty than dangerous. And naughty girls need love too you know.” I kissed his cheek and when he leaned in towards my lips, I playfully turned my head away. “If I really were dangerous, you’d want me anyways, right?” I looked him straight in the eyes.

“Say it…” I told him, unbuttoning his shirt.

Jake looked down at my fingers, as if what I was saying and doing didn’t compute. “Say what?”

Confusion was written all over his face. I might have been doing the talking but our bodies were dictating the conversation. Getting to my lips and my other lady bits were the only things on his mind.

“Say that you want me, ” I whispered, prompting him and running my palms up and down his chest now that his shirt was unbuttoned. Jake closed his eyes firmly, enjoying my touch. “I want to hear you say it.” Then I ran my palms along his outer thighs. “Tell me that you want me.”

“I want you,” Jake muttered, hypnotizing by the movement of my fingers on his legs through his jeans.

“I want you Ella…” I whispered into his ear and ran my tongue along his neck. I let my hands trail down to the front of his jeans.

“I want you Ella,” Jake parroted under duress with his eyes still firmly shut.

“I want you Ella right here on this bike...” I prompted him again. I could almost hear his heart beating under his now sweaty chest and when he finally opened his eyes, his look was so intense that it was almost scary. But I loved it. I wanted him to want me, really want me and I loved the power I had over him, melted under my spell.

“You’re killing me,” Jake groaned and started undoing the other buttons on my top. “I want you Ella, right here on this bike…”

“That’s more like it Jake.”

What unthinkable things could Jake and I do on his bike, right here, right now, in the darkness of this back alley?

I wanted to find out.

His hands cupped my ass and just as our lips touched, the back exit door of the club flew open with such force that Jake grabbed me before I lost my balance.

In the heat of the moment, I’d forgotten all about the surveillance cameras trained on that back alley.

I’d broken the first and foremost commandment at my own club – a rule that I had put in place when I had taking over the business: No fraternizing with the clients.

Or to use my exact words with the girls, “You’re performers, dancers, not hookers. No fucking the clients.”

And now here I was – hot, bothered and busted by the last person I wanted to find me breaking my own rule.

I was fucked and unfucked all at the same time.

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


i’m done

I’m tired and fed up but it’s my own fault.

Not just because I have been posting about our current situation way too often but also because I haven’t been limiting my intake of news enough.

This has been my routine for most of this week:

Roll out of bed in the morning.

Log on to my local grocery’s delivery website to try to secure my spot in its queue (it took 10 hours yesterday  😦 ).

Jump into the shower.

Do some work during my allotted work slot to not overload the work server.

Get essential to-do’s from my personal list done before the daily Prime Minister and Premier press conferences, then listen to hours of post-commentaries.

See where I am in the grocery queue while doing other to-do’s, checking with friends and family and listening to the local radio station or Spotify.

Find something on Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch while trading jokes with a friend about how much we have over-eaten that day.

Fall asleep to Netflix/Amazon Prime.

Wake up at 3:00AM wondering if it’s all been a bad dream.

Have random thoughts about the future and fall back to sleep.

Wake up again, wondering what day it is because the days feel the same.

That’s it, that’s all.


Well, I’m done focusing on the stress of it all because it just makes it much worse.

My week #2 was supposed to be about “creativity” but instead, it’s been about creatively focusing on the negative!

So, I’m lighting this Covid-9 b*tch on fire and walking away.

If and when I post about Covid-19 or our #stayhome situation, I’m going to force myself to find a POSITIVE angle.

That’s it for now.

How are you holding up?

M  xoxo



30 boring things to do while under quarantine

Don’t tell me that you’re bored.

Because if you tell me that you’re bored, I can easily give you a list of boring things to do while you’re bored of being bored.

After reading this, you might decide that you aren’t that bored and will suddenly find the urge to find something more fun to do!  🙂

Below is a revamped post of a previous post adapted to our current “Under Quarantine” situation.

  1. Streamline the number of blogs you follow. You probably only read 20% of the blogs you follow 80% of the time so just unsubscribe or unfollow them already.
  2. Create a short go-to list of blogs/websites you truly enjoy reading under a “Favorites” tab or folder.
  3. Sign up for Audible or Kindle Unlimited. From what I think I understand, they are being offered free of charge right. I am already subscribed to both so I’ll leave that up to you to verify that information.
  4. Get rid of unused apps on your cell. If you barely use them, why leave on your cell?
  5. If you don’t want to unsubscribe to certain emails, trash them. Sometimes when you unsubscribe, you end up getting even more spam so just tag them as Spam.
  6. Back up all electronic files. When was the last time you backed up your important documents and photos? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Don’t be like Carrie from that “Sex in the City” episode where her laptop crashes and she loses all of her writing.
  7. Donate.  Declutter your house and set aside items to drop off for donation when Covid-19 is under control.
  8. Sign up for electronic billing. Is your bank closed until further notice? Do you really want to touch that germy keypad at the bank machine? I don’t.
  9. Charge all recurring bill payments to one credit card, ideally one that has a loyalty program: One bill to pay. More loyalty points/reward which means more freebies.
  10. Automate credit card payment to your bank account. Similar to #9. Place your payment on Auto-Pay but still reconcile your purchases on a monthly basis.
  11. Dedicate a credit card with a low limit for online purchases: Because you aren’t going out much right now, your online purchases have likely increased. Protect yourself with a credit card with a low limit. If your card becomes compromised, there will be less damage to deal with.
  12. Set up savings fund for “emergencies”: Even if it’s $50/month, create an emergency fund. You never know when a little extra cash will come in handy (like right now).
  13. When you order online, double up or subscribe for recurring delivery. If it’s an item that you always use or need, why not order two or subscribe for a monthly delivery? I need to do this with the protein powders I constantly use.
  14. Make a list of emergency items you need to buy, if you are not equipped right now.  Cases of bottled water, batteries, flashlights, matches, candles, canned goods, a manual can opener… Think about what you would need if you were snowed in for a week or were under a “lock down” like right now.
  15. Make a bucket list of all the things you would like to do in the next 5 years.
  16. Scan or take photos of important documents. Your passport, driver’s license, your credit cards numbers. If you lose them, you’ll have a reference of them.
  17. Deep clean the house. No explanation needed.
  18. Make a list all the annoying things (not people) in your living environment that need attention. That bookshelf to install, the sticky closet door, the magnet on the medicine cabinet that disappeared years ago…Make a list and when the dust settles, hire a “handyman” to do them all (if you can’t do them yourself).
  19. Prepare and/or finish your tax. Though the government is extending the submission date, you’ll still need to get them done. Why procrastinate? Just do it now that you have time.
  20. Make sure that all postponed/cancelled medical appointments are rescheduled when the Covid-19 situation is under control.
  21. Do something for yourself that is long overdue. A self-mani/pedi treat, sleep in, retouch your roots with a do-it yourself kit from the pharmacy, maybe even that bikini line (though a vacation may not be around the corner for any of us).
  22. Clean out the fridge and pantry for expired products. If they are expired, throw them out. Do not donate expired goods to food banks.
  23. Double up on gift-giving: Leverage time and online shop for any and all gifts now. No fuss, no muss, no future last minute rush.
  24. Purchase all your cards online for future events. Birthdays, Valentine, Easter, Christmas, anniversaries.
  25. Take time to sit down and review your home or tenant insurance coverage: With all of the wacky weather we’ve been getting, it’s time to review your coverage and know exactly what you are covered for.
  26. Google cost-saving ideas for around the house. Put some extra money in your pocket by getting knowledge on how to lower your energy costs. On a personal note, since I swapped out my regular bulbs for LEDs and unplug everything to reduce “vampire” energy, I have seen a noticeable drop in my electricity bill.
  27. Set your short term and long term goals: Not happy with your accomplishments so far this 2020? No time like the present to set some goals (though easier said than done).
  28. Create playlists of “mood” songs. A playlist for when you’re feeling happy, when you need to concentrate, another for when you feel like crap and another for working out.
  29. Start one tiny habit now. Like drinking an extra glass of water a day, making your bed every morning, getting up an hour earlier every day, not checking the cell while still in bed.
  30. Make a “not to do list’. Life is short so why do certain things we don’t want or need to do? Make a list and see if what you can streamline out of your life.

Are you bored yet? What other items would you add to this list?

M xoxo


Being forced to slow down has lead me to rediscover things I forgot about. Things I used to LOVE doing but haven’t done in ages.

Take a minute to think about it.

Since you’ve had no choice to take life at a slower pace, are you reading more? Going for walks and working out again? Letting your inner decorator shine to tackle that junk room in your home? Planning new projects for your summer garden? Doing the research for that dream trip you always wanted to take (maybe not this year)?

I forgot how I used to love:

Randomly freestyling a recipe and seeing how “pretty” I can present it. I was into food porn in the 80s when PBS had all the Saturday cooking shows;

Lighting a few scented candles, turning off the lights and curling up on the couch to watch a DVD rented from Blockbuster video store;

Dancing around the house to my favorite R & B classics while singing off key at the top of my lungs.

Tell me, what have you been learning or rediscovering about yourself since you’ve been in Covid-19 limbo?

Let me know.  🙂

week 1 done is over

I know it’s difficult for most of you out there – I’ve been reading your social posts and perusing your blogs.

Cooped up at home. The children (maybe) getting on your last nerve. Having to teach them at home. Not working at all or learning to work from home. Not able to visit with your parents, grandparents and friends. Not knowing how your bills are going to get paid. Not knowing what the future will bring.

And a bunch of other not-so-great scenarios.

I think that we are all wondering what our new normal will be after things have settled down.

I won’t lie to you.

The stay at home part of this craziness has not affected me much.

Being an introvert and a homebody who has the flexibility to work remotely whenever the situation requires, I’m good and technologically equipped. And when I’m not working, I ALWAYS have a laundry list of things to do so I’m never bored.

During my Week 1, I decided to concentrate on being SUPER productive to lessen my anxiety, distract myself and get a number of to-do’s done just in case I’m called to work any emergency situations at my job.

  • All bills paid? √
  • May vacation plans cancelled? √ (By now, I think we all know that this is going to last months, not weeks)
  • Deep cleaning (my go-to stress reliever) of my upstairs living space? √
  • A to Z Challenge posts for April set up and scheduled to auto-post? √
  • Sign up and figure out how online grocery services work? √
  • Figure out how to play my father’s weekly lottery online? √
  • Make a list of all the online courses I’ve ever purchased and start scheduling them for Week 2? √
  • Calendar reminders of when family medications need to be ordered and delivered? √

For me, the hardest challenge is not being physically present to help out my folks who are in the “vulnerable” category and with whom I spend a lot of time with on the daily. But thank God (or whatever higher power there may be), so far, so good. We’re on the phone numerous times a day and I make a daily visits to their place where I stand halfway down their walkway outside and they talk to me front inside their door.

At least I am blessed that I can see and talk with them in person, right?

Most days, I wake up wondering if all of this is really happening to us. It feels like we’re trapped in a bad weird movie.

I’ve decided that my Week 2 will be mostly about creativity.

Online courses. Getting back on the writing horse. Blasting some good old school R&B playlists from free Spotify since music is an instant mood booster for my soul.

Tell me, how was your Week 1? What are your plans for this Week 2?


M xoxo


dumb and selfish

I’m completely confused.

Why is it sooooooo difficult for certain people to follow simple public health advice that will keep them healthy and possibly save the lives of their loved ones or others in their community?

Because they are just dumb, selfish or both.

Yeah, I said it…


I’m completely confused at the spring breakers who were partying it up last week because they felt they needed a vacation. If they can’t follow simple instructions, I wonder how they passing their classes. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to collectively slap a bunch of people at the same time.

I’m completely confused at that person we heard about on the news who was officially diagnosed, told not to leave her home and to not interact with others – no exceptions. Supposedly, when health officials couldn’t reach her by phone, the authorities were called in and when she was found, she was allegedly arrested and detained for knowingly circulating in public spaces. From what I understand from the media, she was tired of staying at home.

The last I heard, boredom can’t kill you or others around you.

Most of all, I’m completely confused that some people don’t understand that the more we comply NOW, the QUICKER all of this mess will be over.

Do they not understand that if we don’t follow the public health advice NOW, we will soon be OFFICIALLY ORDERED to stay home???

Yeah, instead of being able to walk around the block to get some fresh air, your backyard deck or your front stairs could end up being as far as you can go.

As I write this, certain provinces are getting fed up and are no longer playing games like this Premier who isn’t playing around – law enforcement, huge fines, towing cars of those still gather in parks and similar places…

So to all those who aren’t doing what they should be doing right now…

Smarten up, think about others and do your part for the greater good – NOW.

Think about how horrible you’ll feel if you play a role in someone getting sick and saying you are sorry, after the fact, will be worth sh*t.





The 2020 A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal Was Yesterday!

Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal for 2020 is here!

Like most of you, I’m doing my part by self-quarantining myself and it’s a good thing.

Whenever you think about how bored you may be or how the kids are getting on your last nerve, remind yourself that you are being a good citizen and contributing to flattening the curve.

I was in England for 4 days last week and since I returned home this weekend, I’ve been busy “de-germing” myself and everything I took with me on my trip, as evidenced on my Instagram Stories.

Let’s just say that my Lysol-equivalent sprays and the “sanitize” function on my washing machine have been my best friends!

Being so busy with all of that, this morning, I realized that yesterday was the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal so here I am, making this post.

With all that is going on, the challenge may feel a bit trivial now but I’m going to do participate anyways. It will be a pleasant distraction, even if it’s to read what others are doing.

Like I said here before all this mess happened, I had already decided to repost an old A to Z Challenge.

So on that note, I’m announcing the theme for my 2020 A to Z Challenge as:


My participation will be in the form of an ongoing little fiction story (I’m currently rewriting it under a different title name on Wattpad) and part of my personal challenge will be to make you forget that it is a fictional story.

This will be my fifth year participating (though last year I vowed my challenge days were over  🙂 ).

If you don’t know what the A to Z Challenge is, you can click here. There is still time for you to sign up and join in on the fun! It’s a great way to meet other writers, bloggers and readers.

Here is a quick teaser.

“Breaking The Mirror” (title subject to change)

Take care and stay safe,

M xoxo