getting into the groove

When I’m writing, I feel like I can conquer the world.

I want that feeling back.

Like I said in my last post, I’m going to try a 30 day writing challenge to get my creative juices flowing.

My friend Kathy reminded me that our fellow friend Pam just finished a 30 day challenge that I might like. I instantly remembered Pam’s posts and loved reading her daily personal type posts.

In addition to that, while I was sifting through my writing files, I also came across 100 blog topics for fiction writers that I had saved a few years ago that I thought would be fun to pick 30 topics out of the 100 listed.

So I’ve got 2 choices and getting your input on which one to choose would be fun, don’t you think?

So here is a little poll below (but if you are using Mozilla Firefox, it will not appear and I have no clue why).

I’m already leaning towards one but I’m curious to see how you vote!

Looking forward to your vote.



M  xoxo

grace (not writing)

I miss a lot of things about my blogging space.

I miss the exchanges with you after posting something. It’s more about interacting as friends, fellow writers and readers than the external validation element.

I miss spending time reading your blogs and knowing what you are all up to.

I miss writing and blogging challenges that get my creative juices flowing.

Giving myself grace is the only way to go but I truly miss the act of sitting down and seeing what I can create.

After long days stuck at the computer and working from home all the time, the last thing I want is to spend more time with a device.

But like I miss writing too much to give up.

A J gave me an idea in a recent post and my light bulb went off – I’m going to find a 30 day writing challenge to “just write”. Maybe I’ll post them or maybe not. We’ll see.

The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure to the end.

If you are a writer, would you have any 30 day challenges to suggest?

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everything but writing

Enough is enough.

I’ve been doing every and anything else except write since the ‘Rona hit…

Like playing with my hair, giving it the daily TLC it deserves by moisturizing and being amazed at all the things it can do with the slightest care…

Liking drinking way too much white apple and grape juice out of the wine glasses I rarely use, allowing the neighbors to think whatever they like as I sip, sip and sip away on my deck…

Like stocking up on all things related to “the second wave of Corona is coming so get prepared” mindset I have developed and aimlessly surfing Amazon for things I truly don’t need…

And most of all, like eating crap while I binge watch (and re-watch) 51 episodes of a Turkish romantic comedy I fell in love before they get taken down…

So yeah, enough is enough already.

It’s time to hop back on the writing train even if it’s just a quick daily write for myself. I made myself some promises and it’s time to dust of my fingertips and get to it.

What have you had enough of? Not being able to get back to a normal routine? Tell me.


if this man kidnapped you…

Wow, this is a first. 

Actually being able to understand all the controversy, in real time, about a new movie I have already watched is new to me because I’m always late to everything trending.

I’m talking about “365 DNI” also known as “365 Days”.

The movie wasn’t very good (but I’ve seen worse) and it made me wonder if the book is better than the movie adaptation. There was basically no plot, minimal dialogue, one hot-looking man and a cliffhanger.

But what do I know? I hear that the sequel is going to be made and I can only assume that the controversy swirling around the premise is a good thing for the movie.

What controversy?

On one hand, there is the complaint that the movie glorifies kidnapping and romanticizing Stockholm syndrome.

(Hopefully there won’t be any headlines in the news about creepy weirdos doing what the lead character did to “catch” the woman of their dreams…)

On the other hand, there is the complaint that it’s just a movie and viewers should be able to temporarily suspend right from wrong and live in the land of movie make-believe for a little while.

To be honest, I didn’t think about any of the above because if the plot is thin, I’m not analyzing much of anything. All I was wondering was how a man like Michele Morrone could actually be that good-looking and if those sizzling sex scenes were real…like real, real

If you’ve seen “the yacht scene”, you know what I mean.

But there were two bigger questions on my mind during that movie and they were these…

If placed in Laura’s position, how many women or men would seriously consider not trying to escape?

And what would the movie have been like if Laura had kidnapped Massimo?


M xoxo



right wrongs

“It is white people’s responsibility to be less fragile; people of color don’t need to twist themselves into knots trying to navigate us as painlessly as possible.”Robin DiAngelo, author of ‘White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

I have yet to see the 8:46 minute video of the murder that shocked the world.

I mean, do I really need to see another video or image that is just like another Tuesday for people like me?

The answer is no.

To keep my mind and spirit in a decent place, I’ve been quiet on purpose. I don’t need to add my thoughts to the many others online who are doing such an awesome job speaking their minds.

I’m happy that the topic of racism against Black people is making waves and that people are also talking about systemic racism, White fragility and microaggressions.

But I’m a little tired of being on the receiving end of the “I’m so sorry! What can I do” question.

It’s great that people want to know what they can do but at the same time, it’s not up to the Black people in their circles to provide education and a curriculum. Those types of conversations are very draining on us.

But since I’m glad that the rose colored glasses have been torn off the faces of the non-believers, I’ve been offering this four step starter process:

  1. READ a book or two about anti-racism. By learning, even a little bit, you’ll be able to have a more meaningful conversation with someone else and also be able to reflect on the privileges you have;
  2. LISTEN and don’t discount the experiences we share with questions like, “Are you sure that happened because you’re Black?” 99% of us know exactly when our race (and nothing else) is an issue for someone;
  3. ACT when you see someone do something racist. SPEAK UP, when you hear someone say something racist. To be anti-racist, you can’t turn a blind eye. You actually have to act against it and right wrongs ;
  4. SELF-REFLECT AND COURSE CORRECT. Self-reflect on your own unconscious biases and the microaggressions (funny video) you may be complicit in.
That’s all for now.

i need a sexy name

Alejandro” is indeed a sexy name.

Especially when a good-looking man whose name just so happens to be “Alejandro” tells you his name and rolls that “r” in just the right way that makes you want to ask him to say it again…

Hmm…there is a true story behind what I just said but I’ll that for another post (maybe).

I’ve always wanted to use “Alejandro” as a character name but from all of the short reads I’ve been immersing myself in during this quarantine, it is clear that I’m not alone in my liking for this name.

And that’s also the reason why I’m in need of alternative name options, something that is not too common and overused, like “Javier” and “Mateo”.

I’m challenging you to throw your suggestions into my hot Spanish-speaking name hat so what would you suggest?

Here is a little something something to inspire your suggestions…Thank me later.