Book Review: The Unhappy Wife | Dr. KE Garland #unhappyWIFEBook #52things52weeks


I’ve been following Dr. Garland’s blog for a very long time and from the quality of her content and the perspectives she offers on her blog, I knew that her book, “The Unhappy Wife“, would be a worthwhile read.

I was not disappointed.

To be honest, I read Dr. Garland’s book twice – the first time on my long flight to Hawaii and then a second time while lounging by the resort pool. I was totally engaged on both reads.

The stories presented by Dr. Garland provide truth-based experiences through the voices of a number of diverse women – experiences that are deep, thought-provoking and make you think about your own (past) relationships.

This book is smooth and easy read that packs a lot of punch.

Without giving away too because you should read it for yourself, I will say that though every story will resonate with you, there will be at least one that will stand out from the rest for you. “Gina” was the one that definitely caught my attention the most – I could truly feel her fear.

Don’t let the title fool you – you don’t need to be married to read this book. Whether you are married, dating, happily single, or thinking about jumping back into the dating pool, the love lessons in this book are a good reminder for ALL of us. And if you dig a little deeper into yourself, you’ll see that the lessons can easily be extrapolated into the other areas of your life.

No matter your experiences, past and/or present, this book is a good reminder that (1) putting your needs first, especially as a woman and trusting your instincts are NOT selfish acts; and (2) allowing yourself to be disrespected in any way, shape or form is a way of disrespecting yourself.

I would highly recommend this book to all who need to a reminder that they are worthy of love and respect but that they must give themselves both first.

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You can also find Dr. Garland’s other other publications here.


Next book review:  In The Best Interest of the Child by Felicia Denise.


The Day I Died #fiction #fictionfriday

You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live.
— Joan Baez


Photo credit: faith goble / Foter / CC BY

I wish I had known that today would be the day that I died.

I’d sat down to watch the midday news next to my wife Amelia and relax a little before heading back outside to finish putting up the rest of the Christmas lights. I didn’t care that it was almost minus 40 degree Celsius. I just needed to get it done. Maybe all the old decorations would help to jog some of her memories.

I watched Amelia as she ate the grilled cheese sandwich I had made for her almost every day. She was passing her usual commentary on the news anchor’s choice of wardrobe and I smiled because that was one of the few thing that hadn’t changed about her.

I was tired so I tossed the remote onto the coffee table that still had all of our old photo albums strewn across it. There was no use in me putting them away. On a daily basis, we played a game where I quizzed her on the faces and the places within their pages. I wasn’t sure if it was helping but it was at least worth a try. When the boys came to visit, I never let on just how far gone she had gotten – it would only upset their already busy lives.

I closed my eyes for a quick nap and woke up to the oddest feeling.

When I opened my eyes, my wife was still on her fashion wardrobe rant but someone else was sitting next her. His hair was lily-white and unkempt and his face was drawn and tired. He looked sad and as if he hadn’t slept in years. And the sweater he was wearing looked strangely familiar.

Where the hell did this man come from and how had he gotten into my house?

I tried to say something but no voice would come. That is when I realized that I was standing in front of the couch looking at the two of them.

Wait, when had I gotten up from the couch?

“Doug, I want another grilled cheese sandwich.”

I watched as Amelia addressed the man by my name.

Doug? What the hell …?

I watched as Amelia poked the man a few times and he responded by promptly slumping over and falling onto the floor. Amelia wasn’t phased by his lifeless body on the floor next to her.

And that’s when I knew that I was gone.

“Well, if you aren’t going to do it, I’ll do it myself!”

I watched in horror as Amelia got up and headed to the kitchen, a place where I never let her go unattended. Nothing good ever happened when Amelia tried to use the appliances.

No, no, no…stop!

I found myself in the kitchen, watching her take the dirty fry pan from the sink. Amelia placed it back onto the stove, cranked the heat to High and walked back to the living room.

No, no, no!

Back on the couch, Amelia perused some of the pictures from the coffee table. She picked one up that had us standing under the Eiffel Tower on our 45th wedding anniversary. Amelia turned to my body at her feet.

“I don’t remember this one.” She placed the picture back down and continued watching television.

If only I had known that today would have been the day that I died, I would have told the boys the truth about the state of their mother, to explain to them, to prepare them. I would have told them everything was not okay, that I couldn’t leave her alone for too long, that they should have visited more during the years when she was better.

I looked at myself lying there so peacefully.

How long would it be for someone to realize that I was gone? Would today be the day that Amelia joined me?

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Originally posted on September 14, 2015

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Sorry, Not Sorry #52things52weeks #simplymarquessa


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I’m tired of feeling sorry.

Oftentimes, the “sorry” is about not having more time to comment on posts. And with my focus on 52/52, my time is even more limited than before.

I don’t know how you do it. I see so many of you commenting regularly on so many blogs and I am totally impressed. I often discover a great new blog to follow and then I notice that you are already there!

Wow. How do you manage that???

But I’ve made a decision.

When it comes to blogging and writing, I can and will no longer feel guilty when I don’t:

  • respond to comments in a timely way. If I could, I would but if I can’t, I’ll get to it eventually;
  • say thanks in a timely fashion for reblogs or mention of my work. If I’m not properly “pinged”, I won’t know that you did;
  • keep up with reading every single one of your posts. Getting momentum IRL and on writing projects means spending less time online. I read wherever and whenever I can;
  • post timely installments of “We Can’t Be Friends. This (unstarted) online story was planned to be written on the fly but inspiration hasn’t struck yet;
  • post more new fiction. New fiction takes time to edit so reposting previous fiction lets me focus on newer work;
  • accept awards and nominations. I appreciate the beautiful gesture but my blog is an award free zone and award questions take a lot of time;
  • follow you back right away or maybe not at all. I never expected to have the number of followers that I do and I can’t follow everyone back. These days, before following a new blog, I think twice because I don’t want to be a hollow follow. And if a blog has no “original” content and only consists of reblogs, I’ll assume that it’s a robot account and will not follow back.

Adding to that already lengthy list, I will no longer feel badly when I have to:

  • say “no” to those who email, asking me to critique their fiction. I’m not a professional or published author. I appreciate that you like my fiction enough to ask but I truly can’t tell you how to write; and
  • decline answering detailed questions about how to increase readership. To be very honest, I don’t actively do anything to increase my readership – I just write about things that interest me and host blogging events for others to share their own blogs once and a while. And I don’t blog for the “follows”.

“Sorry” takes too much energy.

So sorry (not sorry).

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loosely inspired by “Why Do You Follow Blogs Then Never Visit?”

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The “Hemingway” Style #writerwednesday

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via / CC BY-NC

I was on cloud nine.

A creative writing course was actually being offered that semester in junior college and I jumped on it.

But when I walked into the classroom that first day and noticed that the desks were arranged in a circle, I panicked.

“Circles” meant “sharing” and “sharing” could only mean one thing – reading your work out loud. The thought had never crossed my mind.

Besides always hoping that time would run out before it was my turn to “share”, I do remember a few lessons that the professor “taught” us and I use that word loosely.

For the first weeks, the professor looked bored and unimpressed with his class of 19 years olds. While I listened in awe to the other students using fancy and colorful words that tumbled off the pages of their notebooks, the professor was expressionless to the point I wondered if he was asleep with his eyes open…until he broke down and got really, really annoyed.

“Your assignment for next class is to read Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and The Sea“” he ordered.

In the next class, he barked, “Take this class time to rewrite your last creative piece in the Hemingway style.”

Hemingway style?

No one was brave enough to clarify. I even heard someone mutter, “What a freaking quack in the box.

But we did as we were told. This cycle of writing in the “Hemingway style” or writing and then editing to the Hemingway style went on for weeks until we learned the lessons he never bothered to explain. He let us figure it out on our own…

The professor was trying to help us find our own voices by stripping all the fluffy verbiage that we thought sounded intellectual and mature.

What were the lessons I learned?

  • Keep words simple and clean;
  • Limit adverbial speech tags, unless I really need to reflect which character is speaking;
  • Effective dialogue removes the need for dialogue tags like “he said” and “she asked”; and
  • “Show” what is going through your dialogue, don’t “Tell”.

It turned out that the professor wasn’t just a quack in the box – he was a creative quack in the box.

©2017 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Originally posted March 10, 2016.




I’ve Got The Power – #traveltuesday


A power strip/extension cord

I travel with a lot of tech stuff so I’ve got the power to go with it.

A cellphone, laptop, tablet, camera, MP3…how do you charge all of these things when your hotel room or cruise cabin only has one wall plug? Maybe two if you’re lucky?

Are you tired of fighting who needs to charge their stuff first and resort to unplugging the clock radio or the floor lamp just for the extra plug?

Simplify your life, travel with two power strips and you’ll have 12 sockets!

Image and content ©2017 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

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