Bad Girl

My cell was blowing up and I knew why. I had turned it back on after jumping into the taxi from the airport. Three text messages and four voice mails were waiting for me.

Have a good flight. Text me as soon as you land.

From the time stamp, Dex had sent it as soon as I had disappeared beyond the gate.

Love ya babe.

I pictured Dex in his car, driving back to his place, realizing that I had not said “I love you” when we had parted.


Had he found my note? I laughed out loud but stopped as soon as I noticed the driver peering at me in his rear view mirror like was crazy. Yeah, I was sure that he had found my note.

I hadn’t been so cliché as to leave him a Dear John letter.

I was a little more creative than that.

And just a tad more cruel.

When Dex had left to do some errands the day before, I busied myself playing the part of the stupid helpful girlfriend, folding some of his clean laundry for his trip to the Bahamas with “the guys” two days after I left. Color me surprised when I found a shiny new pack of Trojans neatly tucked into the toiletries bag of his half packed luggage. Really? Yes, really.

I had inhaled sharply through my pursed lips and had blown the disgust through my nose. If that’s how you want to play, let’s play. I had grabbed a sheet from his favorite purple Post-It on his desk and calmly wrote:

Knock yourself out. Or knock someone up. Either way, I no longer care. Enjoy the Bahamas Dex.

And I had stuck the note directly onto the box of Trojans.

I scrolled through my call log as the taxi got closer to home. One call from Ella, three calls from Dex. I wasn’t interested in listening to any of them until I was within the comforts of my own four walls.  Before I knew it, the taxi had pulled up to my house. I was so quick that I didn’t even remember handing the driver his fare, walking up the stairs and unlocking my front door.

I deactivated the alarm and tossed my bags to floor. It took me all about ten seconds to promptly change my code and reactivate the alarm. All I wanted was a long hot shower and an extra large order of shrimp Pad Thai. I peeled off my clothes as I made my way down the hall to the bathroom, leaving a trail of dismay behind me.

Naked as the day I was born, I started to dial out for my order when Dex’s number popped up on my caller id. Eventually, I would black list his number but first, I needed him to ride the frustration train for a few days until he left for the Bahamas. There was no way in hell Dex would forfeit his trip with the guys to deal with me – he was way to cheap for that and I was far less important.

But I would ensure that his fun week was tainted with the uncertainty of our unresolved situation. I knew how much he hated it when he sensed me slipping away and this time was clear – I was done.

I sent his call to voice mail and ordered my take-out. I stepped into the shower, let the steady stream of hot water soothe my soul and scrubbed myself clean of Dex.

©2015 Marquessa Matthews

Day 13: Serially Found – Part 2 from Day 4 – (Why It Happened) –Today’s Prompt: write about finding something. Today’s twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this one as the second installment — loosely defined.

Note to the reader: Is it clear for you what Delaney found?


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