Everyone was staring as if they had seen a unicorn.

And I was the unicorn.

Why did I agree to go to a party when I don’t know anyone? Ok, well that wasn’t totally true.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have had a problem walking into a venue like this one solo. But this was different. If my feet hadn’t been frozen where I stood at the top of the stairs, I probably would have turned around and simply left. It had been a while since I had gotten all dolled up for an event, worn real high heels and showed some cleavage in a hip-hugging dress. I had gone full-on MAC attack with the make-up. But looking around at some of the beautiful and trendy crowd destabilized me. Even the plastic girls were giving me the once over.

I put on my game face and tried to act all cool but the sweat beading on the back of my neck and the clamminess on the soles of my feet in my heels betrayed me. It was clear that I stood out like a sore thumb and that these people were wondering what I was doing there. It was a long-ass flight of stairs and the last thing I needed was to trip and roll down as a grand entrance like that Beyoncé tumble I had seen on YouTube a while back.

I scanned the room slowly, trying to ignore the eyes on me. That is when I saw him standing halfway across the room, dressed from head to toe rocking a lily white suit. He had a drink in his hand and was laughing with a small group of people. He had to have felt my eyes on him because he suddenly looked up, smiled widely and waved. When I waved back, I saw a few heads turn to see who I was waving to. He raised his index finger as a signal for me to wait where I was.

Thank the Lord.

I watched as Alejandro excused himself from his group, placed his drink on the bar and headed towards me. He sprinted up the stairs, taking me in from head to toe.

“Hi.” Alejandro kissed me on both cheeks and stood close. “You look amazing.”

“Thanks. You don’t look too shabby yourself.” More like sizzling hot. Whoa Laney, chill. I felt the curious stares around us multiplying. “What’s up with all the stares?”

Alejandro brushed it off. “Besides the fact that you are beautiful, most of these people are in the business – musicians, agents, producers, actors, models, their spouses…they are just trying to figure out who you are.”

“You mean trying to figure out if I am “someone” until they realize that I am “no one”.”

Alejandro placed his hand on my cheek and whispered into my ear. “You are someone who happens to be my one.”

He was so smooth that those words slid right out of his mouth.

“And just how many times have you used that line?”

He laughed and guided me down the stairs (Thank God) and as we passed different guests, he stopped, exchanged handshakes and air kisses. He introduced me to a few of them with “This is my friend D” and I was surprised. When had my name morphed into D?

His hand remained protective around my waist as we waded through the throngs of guests to the bar for a drink. Though my back was turned, I could still feel the stares as I took a sip of my cranberry vodka.


“I’ll explain later.”

I moved in closer, placed my hand on his chest and whispered in his ear. “Alejandro, all of this staring is wigging me out.” When he frowned, I rephrased. “All of this staring is making me uncomfortable. So what if they don’t know who I am – what’s the big deal?”

A strange look took over his face and he suddenly looked really uncomfortable. “We need to talk. Follow me.”

He led me through a corridor until we were outside on a small balcony off of the service area. He glanced up and around before turning to face me.

I followed his glances. “What are you looking for?”

“Cameras.” Alejandro cleared his throat and took my hands in his. “I need to tell you something.”

I didn’t like the direction this conversation seemed to be heading in. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good. What mess had I gotten myself into – again? I was half expecting Jerry Springer to pop out of a dark corner. A secret wife? Another baby-momma (or two)? A member of organized crime? Gay? Yeah, my mind went there.

“When I told you that my name was Alejandro Rodriguez-Morel, I wasn’t completely truthful.”

I disentangled my hands from his, waiting for Jerry to appear.

“Well, my real name is Alejandro Rodriguez-Morel. But my professional name in the industry is Alejandro Morales.”

I could see that he was waiting for me to react. But I didn’t.

“Like a stage name?” He nodded. “Fine, so what’s the problem?”

He still had a troubled look on his face.  “You really don’t recognize that name?”

I shook my head, relieved that Jerry had left the building. “No. Is that it? Am I supposed to recognize your name?”

“No, no, it’s not that…But, uh, this party is actually for me. I’ll be re-launching my music career in the next few months. ”

“That’s amazing! No wonder people keep staring – you are the main event tonight. You should have told me.  So I assume that you are well-known in these parts?”

“Uh, yeah, you could say that.” Alejandro gave me a hug and he was quiet for a while.

“Well Mr. Big Shot, I guess that I’ll just have to google you when I get home to see what all the fuss is about.”

“After tonight, I don’t think that you’ll really need to google me, that is unless “google” has a totally different meaning. And if it does, you can google me all you like later tonight.” Alejandro smiled. Bad, bad, bad boy….

He took my hand and led me back to the party. “Let’s go have some fun now.”

Note to the reader: You know that knot in the pit of your stomach that you feel when you walk into a room/party where you don’t know anyone? Or that uncomfortable feeling when you are solo in a crowd and feel completely out of place? That is what I was aiming for in the opening – I think we have all experienced that feeling to some degree. And as for the twist, I tried to step out of my element and “try” to add a little humor to the post.

©2015 Marquessa Matthews

Day 17: Your Personality On The Page (continued from Day 2, 6, 14 & 15) –What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. If you’re up for a twist, write this post in a style that’s different from your own.


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