And the Versatile Award goes to….

versatileThank you to Rob at and Nooryak at for my nominations for the Versatile Award!

I am a bit late on this train but here are 7 completely random facts off the top of my head:

1. I recently started listening to podcasts and books on to drown out the peripheral noise in my Workplace 2.0 style office space and discovered that it is a great way to learn/read while triaging my emails early in the morning;

2. I am not a morning person so best not engage with me before I have my morning coffee;

3. Organizing and crossing things items off of my to-do list gives me a high. Figuratively, of course;

4. I have an annoying habit of taking photos of beautifully plated food when I go out to nice restaurants but never actually do anything with the photos;

5. There is nothing better than a beach on a hot day;

6. I am often mistaken as younger than I am, which is can sometimes be a good and bad thing;

7. I sometimes long for the days when getting a message from someone meant checking a big old clunky answering machine when you got home from school. Or checking the mailbox;

My nominees for the Versatile award: (Sorry, I just noticed that your site is an award free zone)

If you choose to participate, here are the rules:

1. Provide the link and name of the blogger who nominated you;
2. Share 7 facts about you; and
3. Nominate any number of fellow bloggers.

If you have already been nominated, you can take it as a compliment and pay it forward!

Thanks again for the appreciation!

©2015 Marquessa Matthews


7 thoughts on “And the Versatile Award goes to….

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