Smiling Will Kill You

The Mold That We Settle In: Deteriorated & Rated, A Vitality Like A Bolt Of Lightning Falling Without Being Dilapidated

Photo credit: DerrickT via / CC BY

Have you noticed how some people go out of their way to avoid smiling or saying hello?

You’ve been in this scenario:

You’re washing your hands in the bathroom and someone comes out of the other stall. You automatically look up and briefly smile at that person in the mirror. But instead of smiling back or even nodding, she either looks at you like you’ve grown two heads or she totally pretends like you aren’t standing right there. In both cases, she puts all energy and focus into hand washing as if she is scrubbing in for brain surgery.

Granted, she may want to pretend like you aren’t there depending on what she just finished doing behind that bathroom stall door…But I digress.

Or you’ve seen this scenario:

You’re walking down the corridor and someone is approaching you. You smile to acknowledge their presence but they avert their eyes to admire the art on the wall (that’s been hanging there for years) or to look up at the ceiling as if they just noticed the world’s largest spider up there. Or better yet, they suddenly start playing with their smartphone as a pretense to avoid eye contact.

You know what I’m talking about.

Look, it doesn’t bother me that some people act as though smiling will kill them.

If it’s someone I don’t really know but keep bumping into in the cafeteria, I’ll smile or say hello. If they work in my building and I get on the elevator with them, I’ll smile and say hello. But that’s just me and if it’s not in them, I’m okay with that.

But what boggles my mind is how some of these same “avoiders” have no shame with asking:

• to borrow your (personally) purchased stapler (because theirs is broken);
• for a copy of an email from 4 years ago (because they know your filing system is off the chain); or
• you to buy one of their children’s overpriced fundraising items (when they were quick to tell you “no” the one, the only and the last time you asked them)…

On most other days, there is not so much as a hello or a hint of a smile but when the timing is right, we’re BFFs?


It boggles my mind.

Rant over.

Time to reread that “Don’t take things personally” chapter of The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)…

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14 thoughts on “Smiling Will Kill You

  1. I agree; I find it rude when people will act like they’ve not seen your small gesture. Granted, I guess, no one has to return your smile … but still. I think it’s polite.


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