It Pays To Be Honest

hammockPhoto credit: JessieHarrell / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

I had encouraged my brother to stay off-site for his conference but since I had heard about the resort’s facilities being so luxurious, I naturally want to walk around and take photos of the grounds instead of waiting for hours in the lobby, playing on my Samsung.

I go to the reception desk and ask if they have day passes but they don’t offer that service.

I notice that beyond the glass walls at the back of the resort is where the “beauty” lies. I don’t have anything to lose so I decide to approach the security guard at the entrance to the rest of the grounds and ask if I could have access to take some photos. I figure that if he says no, I can simply head to the Starbucks in the lobby with a valid excuse to treat myself to a calorie-free Mocha Coconut Frappuccino and brainstorm some ideas for future blog posts since I just started blogging on WordPress.

I explain to the guard that I am not staying at the resort, I am waiting on my brother who is at a conference, and I would love to take some photos of the grounds. The 20-something year old smiles, says “No hay problema” and lets me through. I promise him to be quick and disappear into the crowds by the infinity pool and bars near the beach before he can change his mind.

But I don’t get far because my brother texts asking me to meet him in the lobby in 15 minutes.

Instead of rushing to take as many photos as I can in 14 minutes, I start heading back right away.

“That was quick,” the guard says when he sees me.

I stop, explain why and thank him for letting me in.

“This is a beautiful resort. Why are you not staying here?”

I agree with him but explain that we are staying at an apartment condo where we can feel more at home, cook together and chat since we don’t see each other often. He is surprised that I took such an impromptu trip thousands of miles away to spend a few days with a brother who lives in Canada like me.

I’ve got about 10 minutes to kill so we talk about his job, how well I know the area, what winters are like in Canada.

I turn to leave and that’s when he smiles and says, “After you meet your brother, come back and relax in one of the hammocks by the beach. I run this gate so I will let you in. Until your brother’s conference is over, feel free to use all of the facilities. No hay problema.”

I can’t believe my ears.

“Really? Are you sure that it would be okay? I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble.”

Four days hanging out here?

He continues smiling. “Do you know how many people pretend they are guests or lie to my face? You didn’t do that. And you have to be a good person to travel so far to hang out with family for just a few days. I like that. Now come back when you’re done.”

Still surprised, I thank him again and say that I will be back.

Who says that it doesn’t pay to be honest?

To be continued with Iguanas Run Fast on August 25th.

©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

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