California King

I wasn’t sure where I was and I didn’t really care.

I was buried between so many comfy pillows that I had to make an effort to get myself upright in the bed. It simply felt too good to even move. This California King was nothing like I had ever experienced before outside of a posh hotel bed.

My thoughts didn’t get much further than that after I realized that the entire bedroom wall was glass-paned, boasting an amazing view of a cloud-filled blue sky and the clear green-blue ocean. From this vantage point, I felt as if I was perched directly in heaven.

The sheet on the other side of the bed was tossed carelessly to the side, a clear sign that I had not been alone.

And that’s when I remembered where I was.

I smiled and lay myself back down, getting lost in comfort.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had just let my hair down, danced it out and had that much fun. Between the few cocktails, the dancing and the laughing, Alejandro and I had definitely had a blast last night. And from the way my flat feet were throbbing, I was going to pay the price today.

I looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was only 8:00am which meant that we had only gotten back less than five hours ago. When Alejandro had insisted that I stay, I hadn’t put up a fight. Not only had I been tired, I was more than curious to see what Alejandro’s reaction would be at my lack of resistance.

But I was the one surprised when I found myself being led to this bedroom, told that I could take a shower if I wanted and that I could borrow one of his T-shirts if I wanted something to wear.

If I wanted something to wear…

I had taken him up on the offer, not sure what would have happened once I walked back into the bedroom and quite sure of what I would have liked to happen.

But when I had walked back into the bedroom wearing nothing but his T-shirt, it was just me and my shadow.

I had sat down on the edge of the bed a little confused. And just when I had been debating what to do, Alejandro had reappeared in the doorway, wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms, his hair wet from a shower he had taken somewhere else in the house. Without a word, he had crawled into bed and had motioned for me to climb in next to him, which I had willingly done. He had turned off the lights with some kind of remote, taken me in his arms and curled up behind me.

It was at that very moment that I truly realized the extent of Alejandro’s willpower. The only item on his agenda was sleep and I would have been lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

Before sleep overtook my body, I remembered joking, “Wasn’t I supposed to google you after the party?”

Alejandro had laughed and had simply pulled me closer.

Now, in the light of day, I wondered just what was wrong with him. If there was such a thing as too perfect, so far, Alejandro was it. The typical man would never be so patient or not take advantage of the opportunity he had in his bed. My mind wandered to how many other women had been in my same position, enjoying the view.

Don’t go there, he’s not your boyfriend.

I wasn’t naïve. A man with his looks, money and manners had to have women falling like dominoes at his feet. And the fact that he had adorable little Nate just made him even more appealing.  I could already hear Ella’s voice in my head, “Maybe he’s genuinely interested and respects that you took sex off the table. Or maybe he’s into guys. Or maybe he’s playing the waiting game just waiting to pounce. Just follow your gut.”

I was jolted out of my thoughts when the bedroom door flew open and Nate bolted in and started jumping on the bed.  I think it took him about 10 seconds before he realized it was me in the bed and not his father.  When he did, Nate stopped abruptly, a surprised look on his face that was quickly replaced by a large smile. This child would definitely be breaking lots of hearts in his future.

My face felt flushed, as if I had gotten caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

“Good morning little man. It was too late to go home last night so I stayed here”. Was I actually explaining myself to a four year old boy? Yes, I was.

Nate grabbed the remote from the bedside table and turned on the tv.  “You mean, like a sleepover?” I nodded. “Ok. Maybe the next time you could stay in my room.” I nodded again.  Nate found the cartoon he was looking for and we both watched in silence for a few minutes. As pathetic as I knew it was, I took the small window of opportunity I had to ask a question to which I already knew the answer.

“Does your daddy have lots of sleepovers?”  I used my best nonchalant tone.

“Jamas. I mean, no, never.”

No way.That just meant that Alejandro was fatherly enough to not expose Nate to too many women, maybe bringing them home under the cover of darkness and scurrying them out before daylight?  Or simply staying at their place? If Nate was a little older, my jaded self would have said that he was trained to give that answer to any female transient at the house.

Nate snuggled into the pillows until we were side by side and then found himself in the crook of my arm.

“You smell like Papi. Cocos and pinas.”  I smiled.  The things that come out of the mouth of babes.

“I could get used to seeing the two of you like that.” Alejandro was leaning in the doorway, watching us. I was mortified. Had heard my question?

He was wearing nothing but that smile and pyjama bottoms that showed off his strong, hard abs. Nate yelped and ran over to jump into his father’s arms.  Alejandro bearhugged him and slid him to the floor.

“Go downstairs and help ninera Alma with breakfast.”

Nate was halfway out the door when he suddenly stopped and turned to Alejandro.

“Papi, the next time Laney sleeps over, she’s staying in my room ’cause she was my friend first.” And then Nate disappeared and Alejandro closed the door behind him. We both laughed.

Alejandro crawled into the bed, kissed my forehead and kept crawling until he was hovering over me. On my back and our faces just inches apart, I only had one thing on my mind.

“You heard what the boy said. You will have to sleepover again.” He stared down at me and I didn’t break his gaze.

“If there is a next time, I guess I need to google you first, right?”

My attempt at continuing our joke fell flat when his face became serious like at the party. Alejandro quickly propped himself up and off of me.

“Before you do, I need to explain a few things first. True things. Not the lies you’ll read about me online.” I kept quiet. “Remember when I said I was known in these parts?” I nodded. “Well, it’s a little more than that.”

©2015 Marquessa Matthews


4 thoughts on “California King

  1. These excerpts are really good, Marquessa. I can’t wait to read more. I’m assuming these are from a ‘first draft’. There’s work to be done here, but you know that, so I’ll withhold any ‘critiqe’ until I’ve read the rest of what you have. So far, so good. -S-

    Liked by 1 person

    • 👍 Thanks! Actually the excerpts are not from a first draft. I used the prompts from Writing 101 to create some scenarios based on characters that invaded my brain years ago. So the sequences definitely don’t follow at all. ☺ I’ll soon be going back to draft a proper storyline with these. Feedback is always welcome regardless of the stage.


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