“How is my Boricua?”

Ella’s voice was thick with sleep. If I had been someone else on the other end of the line calling her at that hour, she would not have been so pleasant.

“Enjoying island life.”

“You had better do that. Because before you know it, you’ll be back here.” I heard shuffling in the background. “It’s only 7:00 am Are you going to continue being a morning person when you get back? If so, I think that I’ll need to add you to my no calls before 10:00 am list.”

I laughed and plopped myself down onto the couch.

“You go ahead and do that. Tell me, have you ever heard of someone called Alejandro Morales?”

“Are you shitting me? That’s like asking a Puerto Rican if they know who JLo is. Why are you asking? Oh my God! Did you meet him at that party the other night?” Ella was wide awake now.

“I guess you could say that. You are up to date on all that celebrity type of gossip. What do you know about him?”

“Besides the fact that he is smoking hot?”

“Yes, besides that.”

“Well, he was discovered on one of those local American Idol type of talent shows and though he didn’t win, the producers hooked him up with some other guys to create a boy band. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name now but they blew up overnight. And you know how the hottest and most talented one is always the lead, right? Well, that was him and he did a double Justin.”

“A double Justin?”

“He did a Justin Timberlake and went solo. Then he pulled a Justin Bieber and went all bad boy for a while. But he dropped out of sight a few years ago. The last I remember hearing was about some kind of baby-momma drama. Please tell me that you took a selfie with him. Is he still hot?”

For once I was glad for Ella’s extensive knowledge of usually useless celebrity gossip. Alejandro’s story was lining up exactly with Ella’s.

“Yeah, you could say that I sort of met him. No selfies taken. And yes, he is hot.”

Ella would freak the minute I told her that the guy next door, the guy that I had spending time my free time with was none other than Alejandro Morales. But before I could muster up the words, the phone became muffled and I heard a deep voice in the distant background.

“Who is that?”

There was a long pause. “Uh, it’s Jake.”

“I thought that you were done with him.”

“I was. I am. Long story. I’ve gotta go. We’ll talk about it later.” And Ella hung up which meant that Jake was too close-by for her to speak freely.

But I was glad that she had cut me off. I needed a little more time to process this whole celebrity situation on my own without anyone else’s two cents.

©2015 Marquessa Matthews


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