Mr. Big Mouth

Anecdote from yesterday at the pool…

You have met him.

You know, the one who keeps looking at you when you try to sit quietly or tries to catch your eye when all you want to do is chill?

Yeah, you know who I am talking about.

As I settle myself in, I’m not sure if he is checking me out, if he is bored and wants to have a conversation with someone or if he is just smiling at me because we may have crossed paths before. I don’t want to look at him too closely to figure it out but then I feel a bit guilty because it could be the latter.

On the other hand, why do I have to be so nice all the time? Why can’t I just “be” and not think about these types of things? This time is MY time, remember?

F*** it.

I toss my stuff down onto a chair, peel off my cover-up and head to the jacuzzi. As I step down the ladder into the steamy hot water, I hear a voice.

“Is it hot?”

I look around and though there are other people nearby, it has to be him because he is the only one facing in my direction, lying on his stomach on a long chair with his sunshades on. But I can’t see his eyes so I am still hoping that it’s not him.


“Is the water hot?”

Yup, he is talking to me, asking me a question to which he obviously knows the answer. And he is being sooo loud.

Mr. Big Mouth.

I try to be light about it but he is already annoying me.

“Of course! It is a jacuzzi, isn’t it?”

I try to enjoy my soak but am poised for escape.  He is now sitting up and looks like he is on the verge of joining me as soon as he finishes his beer. I decide to cut my jacuzzi time short and head back to my chair before he can get within 10 feet of me.

I really feel like reading my book but I know that the best thing I could do for myself is to roll up one of the pool towels I have, make myself a little pillow, lie flat on my stomach and direct my face in the opposite direction of Mr. BM.

A few minutes pass and I sneak a peek to see if I’m safe. But he is still looking at me and I am now afraid that he thinks I am checking him out.


But he is quickly distracted by two teenage boys making a beeline to the jacuzzi for an unauthorized dip since the guard is nowhere to be seen. Mr. BM is on them like white on rice.

“Hey boys! You wanna a beer?”

The boys look at each other and then back at him like he is asking a trick question.

“We’re 17.”

“Aww, it doesn’t matter. Someone needs to corrupt you, right?”

Mr. BM reaches down into a small cooler tucked under his chair (and not allowed in the pool area), grabs two cans of Medalla and heads over to them.

“Enjoy them boys. Where are you two from?”

The boys’ are overjoyed at his generosity and quickly down the beers before anyone can catch them and take the cans away. Mr. BM promptly offers each of them one more.

The topic starts off about hometowns, beer, mofongo and quickly slips into how Mr. BM and his friends would be smoking cigars, going to strip clubs and getting drunk all weekend. If the two boys were older, I could easily see the conversation ending in an invitation to party together.

I listen because in addition to pretending to be asleep, I am also curious as to why, a man who looks to be in his early thirties, would be in such a conversation with teenage boys.

I also wonder what Mr. BM’s deal is because he has no friends with him.  And isn’t he old enough to know better than to offer alcohol to minors? Have the times really changed where these boundaries no longer exist?

One of the boys reads my thoughts and asks him straight up about his age.

“I’m 29, man. There is nothing like your twenties, man. My friends and I are here to party for the weekend, man. You wanna join in on the fun, man?”

Man, man, man…

I hear something about meeting up in the lobby at 11:00PM, how Mr. BM is going back to the room to get a few more beers for all of them and will be right back. Mr. BM disappears and as soon as he does, the two boys get out the jacuzzi, laugh and start mimicking him as they walk by me.

“What a loser! At least we had a few free beers.”

I hear more laughing and the slap of a loud high five.

“For sure. Old dude is kinda creepy.”

Old? Ha!

I am smiling because it seems that times have not changed.

And though I am dying to see the look on Mr. BM’s face when he gets back and finds the boys gone, I gather my gear and head for the beach where I will probably get a little more peace and quiet than where I was.

©2015 Marquessa Matthews


12 thoughts on “Mr. Big Mouth

  1. This post got me thinking about a convo I had with a stranger that I met in Starbucks, a couple of weeks ago. He was clearly attempting to test the temperature of my flirting radar, so to speak, by giving me a lot of similar small talk, to Mr. BM. He was way smoother and charismatic, though. He told me that he was a comedian and wanted to stay in contact so he could invite me to his shows. I gave him my Facebook, and told him I’m a writer. His response was, ‘you guys scare me.’ LOL!

    When I asked why, he said because “what we do” for a living, so to speak, doesn’t always provide enough “context” [about who/ whatever we write on]. I found that funny, particularly with him being a comedian, who fears things being taken out of context. Haha, the irony! I told him so and challenged him to check out my blog, as I feel like I provide a decent amount of context.

    Now that I’ve read this dope post here, I’m remembering that convo for 3 reasons. 1. Us writers are dangerous, haha! So, people really should consider how they represent themselves, as they may end up the subject of “our” best past time, “our writing.” Or, on God’s watch-list. Whichever seems like a better motivator. 2. I stand by my comments about context. Everything in life is relative. The context is always there, we must just relate to the parallel of its manifestation, if that makes sense. And 3. Men, who exact their male privilege unapologetically, come in all shapes and sizes. This experience you wrote about here, is the same as mine, just in a different relative context. It’s funny, when you think of it. Thanks for sharing this Marquessa! Stay blessed sistah <3!!

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