Evolutions, Not Resolutions

I can conquer the world.

Or at least that is how I always feel after a really, really good vacation.

I guess it is the increase of energy after shuffling to a slower pace – the catalyst to feeling like I can jump back into the fray and conquer everything. Post-vacation days make me think of all those “New Year, New You” resolutions I used to attempt back in the day. Resolutions that would all go “POOF” and disappear running into the night just after a few weeks. And though I know that you can make changes at any time of the year, I am still a sucker for trying to turn over a new leaf or trying new things at a specific time of year or at a specific event.

I am going to complete all of my home improvement projects before the end of June.

I am going to exercise every day.

I will lose 10 pounds.

And so on and so forth.

But not this time folks.

This time I will be making some post-vacation “evolutions” (not resolutions) for the rest of this month, specifically three things that I enjoyed while on vacation that I can continue at home.

#1. Waking up at 5:00AM to start the day off slowly and smoothly;
#2. Having a proper sit-down breakfast;
#3. Going for 45 minute walk at least 3 times a week.

Small and somewhat insignificant actions to some of you out there but significant and big “evolutions” for others like me.

I’ll post about how these “evolutions” are going from time to time.

Now if only the airline company can find my lost luggage!

©2015 Marquessa Matthews


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