Music as an inspiration for writing

Without music as a backdrop, I would not be able to write fiction.

Music nourishes my ideas and is the fuel that sparks my imagination.

Ideas usually come to me while I am on the treadmill and navigating my Zune music collection on “random” mode – ideas that often require that I jump off (sometimes unsuccessfully) to jot them down.

The mood and emotions of a song can help me develop scenes for characters I am trying to flesh out.

Being the very “lyric-focused” person that I am, certain lyrics and phrases can even spark ideas for dialogue between characters.

And certain songs remind me of personal experiences that could be sprinkled into a storyline I am working on.

My Gravity fiction post was inspired by my personal interpretation of Sara Bareilles’ song, “Gravity”.

For me, this song was the perfect backdrop to Delaney’s relationship with Dex, a controlling narcissistic man who makes her feel trapped, “less than” and dependent and who also takes advantage of her fragility. And though Delaney knows that she has to get herself free of him, it is not easy for her to do.

Tell me, what helps YOU spark your imagination when it comes to fiction writing? And if you don’t write fiction, from where do you get your ideas for posts?



©2015 Marquessa Matthews.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video below.


3 thoughts on “Music as an inspiration for writing

  1. Sounds as though you pick a piece of music, then write a scene or story or chapter to fit the music. . .kinda like scoring your story before you write it rather than the other way around. Guess I’m too ‘old school’ for that technique. If I were to write fiction (some of my memoir pieces could be called ‘fiction’, I guess), they would be silent movies. Just can’t write when there’s music playing , , ,too distracting for me. Funny, that. When I was kid (and we’re talking many, many years ago) I could have the TV, radio, phonograph (gawd, I AM old!) all playing at once and still manage to get the English Lit. assignment done. Ah, well. Such is life. -S-

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    • Not really, otherwise I would be written a scene for a potential music video ☺! I usually already have a scene/story to write in my head. But a line from a song can spark me to go into a totally different direction or put another slant on a scene. It’s a bit hard for me to explain I guess…😕


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