Reblog: Writers!!! It’s that time again!!

Thanks to Stephanie for posting about this! I just signed up and though it is unlikely that I will keep up with this particular challenge, it’s worth a try!

Stephanie Cardozo


Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I can’t wait! Honestly, I have a TON I’m busy with but who doesn’t, right? If you want to write you need to make time for it and just get it done. What better way to help you through that than joining a community who enjoys the same thing and offer full support in the madness of writing? I’ve made many connections and friendships with other writers who offer great advice and feedback.

So, if you love to write or you want to but don’t know where to start, join me along with thousands of others around the world and we’ll see you through!

Click the link above and get in on the fun! The writing begins tomorrow and your story NEEDS to be written!!

Now, what do you need to get you through NaNo? Well, really if you want to keep it simple, just…

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