WP Reader, RSS Feed, Flipboard or Feedly – What Do You Suggest?

I’ll be honest.

I am not particularly fond of The WP Reader to keep up with all the blogs that I follow.

Not only do I find it difficult to swim back to where I stopped in The Reader but access to WP is blocked at my place of work so I can’t even blog read on my lunch break.

Someone suggested that I take all of my WP blogs and sign up for their RSS feeds so that they go straight to my Outlook inbox.

Under normal circumstances, that would be a great idea except that:

1. I can’t do that on my work computer;
2. I prefer to not be tied down to my Outlook program; and
3. I would like to be able to read wherever I go.

I have been looking at the feasibility of Flipboard or Feedly but know very little about these apps.

So, before I start spending any time re-following blogs via another source, I thought I would ask the question to you.

Besides the WordPress Reader, do you use any other apps to follow blogs? And if so, what would YOU suggest?

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12 thoughts on “WP Reader, RSS Feed, Flipboard or Feedly – What Do You Suggest?

  1. I like the reader because I do receive emails about new posts and that drives me insane because I cannot find real email amongst all the fabulous posts. It is true that I miss a ton in the reader. I am also following people on Twitter or Facebook even, but mostly I use the reader.
    Good luck !

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