Day Six: Dig Deep into a Social Network

Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog. Then, outline a plan for how you’ll use it.

Not being social media savvy, what I have accomplished is linking my WordPress posts to automatically appear on my Twitter and Facebook timelines.

With this Day 6 assignment, my future goals will be to focus on Twitter to:

1. continue automatically posting my WP posts on Twitter and Facebook;
2. re-tweet 5 links I find interesting or uplifting per day; and
3. follow those who follow me.

As for WordPress, my goals will be to:

1. ask more questions at the end of certain posts for more interactivity;
2. re-blog others work more often, especially the posts that resonate with me and to say why; and
3. make my posts more “visual” by using more photos to complement my posts.

Goals, goals, goals. Let’s rock and roll!

©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


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