Day Eight: Make Your Blog a Hub

Today’s assignment: create a page or section on your blog to display links to your online presence elsewhere, and make sure your other presences reflect the brand you’re developing on your blog.

As for this assignment, I am not too concerned about traffic and growth since I am simply happy blogging. As I said in my introduction page, I really started blogging to reignite my passion for writing and to get into a writing habit.

Though I have “branded” my presence across different social networks as “Simply Marquessa” and listed them under a widget on my blog, I’ll have to ensure that (1) all roads lead back to as the assignment suggests and (2) check out what Tumblr is all about.

Oh yeah, I also signed up for a new email address to mimic my blog name –

If I wore suspenders, I’d snap them proudly because I’m almost caught up reading a lot of the blogs I follow. Yahhh!

But I have realized that though I love blogging (and am now a little addicted), I need to reposition myself and pull back a little to put some focus on the novel I want to pursue. My new “addiction” has helped me develop a number of posts that I now have in a queue to automatically post during August while I try to dedicate some time to developing a real story outline.

Alrighty then, what’s the next Blogging 201 assignment, eh? 🙂


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17 thoughts on “Day Eight: Make Your Blog a Hub

  1. Hi Marquessa, given both of us love writing and I am also planning to start writing my first novel, may I ask you to be blogging buddy? That way our most recent task in Blogging201 also gets completed, plus we can be part of our two-member writing group. What say?

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  2. Marquessa, I find writing my blog actually helps my work on my fiction. There is something to this practice thing. The more I write, the better I write. When I dropped off blogging for a bit, all my bad writing habits returned and my proofing was horrible again.

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  3. I just clicked to go to your blog, by the time got news about your Follow.
    I have visited your blog before and have also put a comment there.
    I do not wait to follow who have followed me. Only thing is I should be online during that time.
    I click the follow button now for you.

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    • I thought that I had already followed you but then saw that I didn’t so I pressed the button. My approach is that if I come across a blog I like, I “follow” so that I can find it again. And when someone takes the time to read and “like” one of my posts, I immediately follow so that I can refer back. It makes for a lot of posts to read but I like it!


  4. I love reading others’ blogs and need to make more time doing so. What you said is true: “Make sure all roads lead to your hub” and that is my goal because have Pinterest, Twitter and G+ all active and engaging but I want to bring them back “home”.



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