Wednesday Welcome: Q & A with Arpita Pramanick – “Bound by Life”

Q & A with Arpita Pramanick

I discovered fellow blogger Arpita Pramanick’s work through the WP Blogging 101 challenge a few months back and have been following her ever since.

We have developed such a blogging friendship that when I realized that she had just published a book, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to post about her achievement.

Arpita’s new book, Bound by Life is available TODAY as a free Kindle download so be sure to get your copy!

Arpita was gracious enough to do a Q&A with me.

And don’t forget, we are guest posting on each other’s blog on August 12, 2015!

Q: Tell us a little about Bound by Life.

A: Bound by Life is a collection of ten short stories.

The stories of this book are tales of love and hate, of sacrifice and revenge, of sickness and death. The settings are based in rural and urban India, with a diverse pool of characters – from a fisherman’s daughter in I am Mala to a circus boy in The Last Show.

Each story is a reflection of everyday life of the common man and woman, of the way we deal with the problems in our lives. As such, I feel each one of us will find something relatable to the lives of the characters in Bound by Life.

Q. What inspired you to write the book?

A: Growing up, most of the books I read with interest were about real people in real settings. I was an ardent reader of Bengali author, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s works, who wrote mostly about the hardships of people in rural West Bengal, India. Perhaps because of such readings – though I won’t know if those were the only reasons – the trials and tribulations of human life always made their way into my writings – in the poetry I wrote in my teens and more recently, in my stories.

I believe that the want to write about the common man’s life has been the primary inspiration behind the stories in Bound by Life as well.

Q. You are offering a download of your book for free today (August 5). What motivated you to do that?

A: As a part of the KDP Select program, every author gets to promote her book for free for five days in a 90-day period. For a new self-published author, it is a great tool to reach readers. When I see a book by a new author, I may initially be skeptical about buying it because there are so many good books around and it gets increasingly difficult to choose what to buy and read. But if it is available for free, then I will straightaway hit the Buy Now button.

I hope that today’s promotion will help more readers find my book. I am hungry to know what they think of my writing, and I won’t know that unless they read and review my work. So if you’re reading this right now, my dear reader, I urge you to give Bound by Life a shot. Spread the news about the free promotion and help me reach more readers. Wish you a happy read and I thank you in advance for your help!

Q. In a previous post, you mentioned 5 lessons you learned from publishing Bound by Life. What is the most important would you like to share here?

A: Given the mindset I have post-publication, I think I will elaborate on the last point I talked about in that article. Writing the first book is liberating, but that does not guarantee publishing success.

Marketing a book is way more difficult that writing it. There are going to be more lows in that process that there will be in the writing process itself, especially if you are someone with little online presence and is not part of any offline book clubs or writer groups (like myself).

The expectation that you have with the book may not translate into sales and that might depress you. The trick is to take that off your mind and get involved in other things. For example, it has been more than a month since the publication of Bound by Life and I have sold very few copies. But I try not to let that get to me. Instead, I keep up with my other writing projects and my blog. From time to time I try to devise ways that may lead to the sales of my book (like today’s free promotion).

Q. Now that Bound by Life is published, what are you presently working on?

A: I am very much into blogging, and I took the WordPress blogging courses, Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 recently. I have two guest posts lined up in second week of August (one as you know already is on this blog itself on the 12th of August).

I have just started my first novel. As this moment it has no name and is semi-autobiographical. But since this is my first major project, it might change tracks in future and take on new leads. I am eager to see what journey this book takes.

Interested in reading some great posts? Be sure to check out Arpita’s blog here.

And don’t forget to download your free copy of Bound by Life book:

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