Lazy Larry

Though my garden is almost to my liking, I haven’t gotten too far in my attempt at recreating my own little balcony oasis.

I admired the cuteness of my neighbor’s deck (which she never uses by the way and that is a shame) and decided to do something with mine. The picture below is the neighbour’s:

Since it is way too late in the season to decorate with flowers, I am settling for the temporary gazebo I installed and my zero gravity chair.

But an uninvited guest has decided that he will start enjoying my deck before I can.  This is the fourth time this week that I have caught him napping up here.

I’ve decided to call him Larry, more precisely Lazy Larry.

I could only imagine what Larry does when I’m at work.

And when I tapped on the patio glass, Larry wasn’t even fazed. He simply looked at me as if I disturbed his nap time.

Images and content ©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “Lazy Larry

  1. Marquessa. The weather looked amazing! What is it like in Montreal? WE are looking at moving over there but will come on a holiday first. What are the residents like? Do you have many eithnicities living there? x

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    • It has been great especially with the heat wave. Labour Day is supposed to be above 30 degreee celsius! I love Montreal (also known as Las Vegas of the North) but growing up here, I am used to the political and language issues. I’ll have to tweet you the rest of the info you want!

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