Back in a previous post, I called out for help about my attempt to keep up with all the blogs I follow here on WP.

I was finding that the WP Reader was not working for me. I would lose where I had stopped in my reading, especially when switching between my laptop, tablet, and cellphone. On top of all of that, I was getting them by email depending on where I was or what I was doing.

“Calgon, take me away!” from all this technology!  🙂

Now that I am blogging less this month, I decided to sit down (actually, I am in my bed watching Super Soul Sunday and other OWN network programming), figure it all out and decipher why I get some blog notifications by email but not in the WP Reader, which was adding to my utter and total confusion…

Funny how a little “focused” time on one thing can lead you to an “Aha” moment followed by a loud and resounding “Duh”.

After the first WP challenge back in April, I don’t think that I ever revisited the WP Reader delivery settings and the ones for each individual blog I follow.

And NOW I realize what part of the problem is. Settings can be set to “deliver” on an instant, daily, weekly or not-at-all basis. Guess what? All of the blogs I follow were not set to a consistent delivery method. Some were even set to receive nothing.


I just set everything up so that I will receive your posts on a weekly basis by email on Fridays. This should simplify it all for me.


So if you notice a bunch of “likes” from me, it’s because I am catching up on your posts for the week. I didn’t join WP to be a “hollow follow”.

Task #1? Done.

Next task?

Putting filters on my incoming gmail email…next week.

Right now, time for another coffee!

Happy Sunday!


blog fistPhoto credit: Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC







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