Q & A with Stephanie Cardozo

Wednesday Welcome: Q & A with Stephanie Cardozo

I stumbled across fellow blogger Stephanie Cardozo through a WordPress challenge and I am so glad that I did.

Being someone who also loves writing fiction, I was immediately attracted to the relaxed and easy flow of her fiction.

In addition to her fiction pieces, I enjoy the variety of Stephanie’s other posts that revolve around family life, writing in general and how getting healthy with Beachbody fitness motivated her to become a Beachbody coach and help others.

And when I read in her bio that she had put her writing on the “back burner”, “putting her pen away and going on with life”, and “knowing that it was time” to get back to what she loved, well, it all just resonated with me.

Being part of this lovely blogging community of ours and wanting to share some of the blogs I enjoy with you, today’s post is a wonderful opportunity to get to know Stephanie.

And I’ll be re-blogging one of my favorite posts from her next Wednesday August 26, 2015!

Q: In your Writer’s Bio, you say that you would like to make a mark in the Young Adult reading community. What is it about YA writing that inspires?

A: Adolescence can be a difficult time. I remember being overwhelmed with emotion and dealing with so many things I felt like no one could understand. There were many tough situations I was faced with and I had to make decisions in which I had no idea what was at stake or where it would lead me. It is such a raw time in a person’s life, so to speak. I take these elements from my own adolescence and simply fly with my sometimes dark imagination. What I love most is the recklessness of that age period. There are many times when our YA protagonist acts before thinking or perhaps knows far too much for their age and changes the game, if you will.

Q: How has “picking back up the pen” changed you?

A: Picking up the pen had simply revived me! I couldn’t believe I almost considered dropping this dream forever. I have to thank my husband and my sister in law truthfully. They really encouraged me to pursue my college degree and get back to doing what I love. Writing has brightened me up like a soft warm kiss from the sun.

Q: You are currently writing a novel, Love, Disguised. Without giving away too much, could you tell us a little about the storyline?

A: The story begins with seventeen year old Lydia who wakes up with a new found courage to finally talk to the boy she’s been crushing on since freshman year. Lex Gordon is the most popular guy at Jameson High School and when Lydia gets to school she finds him standing at her locker. Had the universe beat her to the punch in revealing her feelings? This is a story of coming of age, finding love, and dealing with a broken home in the process.

Q: Since you started writing Love, Disguised, you must have encountered a few bumps along the way in the writing process. For the benefit of other bloggers out there who aspire to write a novel one day, what tip would you tell them not to do?

A: I began writing this novel during NaNoWriMo in November of 2014. The great thing about joining hundreds of thousands of writers all over the world is that you have a large support system. There are forums in which you can offer and get advice, writing prompts, and such. It is a great challenge to be a part of, especially for new writers. I bought books that helped me stay in my writer’s groove, if you will. I drank insane amounts of coffee, stayed up many late nights, listened to tunes that helped my mood and read some of my favorite writing books like, Writing Down the Bone: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg; On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, and Writing Tools: 50 Essential Tools for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark. These are great books on the craft for anyone interested in writing a novel. Sometimes a simple walk around the block can help get the creative juices flowing. So, what not to do is stop! Do not stop writing!! Keep going even when it’s difficult and you think you have nothing left, turn up the music, read a page from your favorite novel, and watch your favorite scenes from a film.

Q: What inspired you to write Living in a Nightmare? It feels so authentic and realistic.

A: I write from experience and yes, there is a lot of truth in Living in a Nightmare. I often take elements from my past and use that as a foundation. I also do a lot of research to help with authenticity.

Interested in reading some great posts? Be sure to check out Stephanie’s blog here.

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