How About a Q & A?

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Photo credit: Stefan Baudy / Foter / CC BY

You may have noticed that over the past few Wednesdays, I’ve posted some Q&A posts about fellow bloggers, namely Arpita Pramanick and Stephanie Cardozo. Then, we followed up by either guest posting and/or reblogging each other’s work.

Great experience and a wonderful way to learn more about another blogger’s world!

I love the collaborative aspect that these types of Q&A’s provide and would like to do a few more.

So with that being said, don’t be surprised if I get in touch with you to propose a possible Q&A and/or guest post.

I’m following (or at least trying to follow) an absolutely crazy number of blogs so I’m not exactly sure how I will approach this or and how long this “interest” of mine will last since the next months will be busy. But it’s worth a shot.  🙂

Of course, if I ask you for a Q & A/guest post and you aren’t interested, just say “no thanks”. No harm, no foul. This is just my way of developing a different side to my regular blogging and as a change of pace from time to time.

Happy Saturday!

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