The Power of Two Little Words


I was sitting in an all day seminar last week, trying my best to keep my eyes open. I had positioned myself at one of the front tables in the fancy hotel conference room (definitely no Village Ghetto Land like some other locations I had conferenced in) to discourage myself from drifting off.

But resistance was futile.

Even though I had paid for the seminar out-of-pocket and it was an interesting leadership-related topic, being imprisoned in a conference room, on a beautifully warm Summer Soft day, on a hard chair and unaccustomed to sitting still for so long was no Ordinary Pain.

My cell buzzed with a text from my brother, letting me know that he was about to buy the Stevie Wonder tickets for himself and my other brother. As a family and since there was nothing that they needed or wanted for their birthdays, we had decided to gift them both with tickets to the freshly announced concert.

Being at the seminar and unable to do it myself, I had been forced to leave him with the responsibility of buying the advance purchase tickets online before they went on sale to the general public the next day.

Brother: I’m going to try to buy the tickets now. Did you want to go too?

I immediately texted back.

Me: No.

Then, I paused and thought about it.

Why is it that All I Do is say “no” as a reflex when it comes to something for myself or that could be a fun Pastime Paradise?

…No, I’m too busy.

…No, I have to get something done for (insert-name-here).

…No, it’ll be at the end of a work day and then to go Downtown, blah, blah, blah…I’ll be tired the next day.

…Yes, I had turned into That Girl , the one who no longer had the word “fun” in her vocabulary.

Sitting there, I was in a state of Confusion because I couldn’t even remember the last “real” concerts (not Broadway-type plays) I had been to.

It couldn’t have been the 1988 George Michael concert (I still love me some George) and Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 tour circa 1990, could it?

I was a bit shocked when I realized that it probably was. Mind you, to this day, there are very few artists I would really love to see in concert but now they would only be found in small venues and nowhere near Montreal.

But I was still shocked. Where had all those years gone? And foolish me had forfeited my one and only opportunity to see Michael and the other Jacksons during the Victory tour because I was being “sensible”, not feeling right asking my folks for the $60 which was a lot back then.

It took about 30 seconds to have a talk with myself and then another 30 seconds to Have a Talk with God.

I texted my brother back.

Me: I changed my mind. Yes. Why not?

And that’s when I realized the power of those two little words – why not.

I wondered how interesting life could get if, for the next month or so, I said “why not” instead of diving into the bottomless abyss of “no”.  I Wish that I could get into the habit of saying “why not”…but wait, why not?

So that is exactly what I decided to do until September 30 when Stevie Knocks Me Off My Feet, puts a little Joy Inside My Tears and has me humming “Isn’t She Lovely”, “Sir Duke” and “Love’s in Need of Love Today long after the concert is over.

Why not?  😉

Postscript: Thank God for knowing how to source out advance purchase tickets! The next day when tickets went on general sale, I heard that they were sold out withing 2 hours. And for all you readers who are not versed in the oldies and goodies of Stevie Wonder music, go get yourself a cuppa, take a break, kick back and click on a few of the links included for your listening pleasure.

#What’s the last concert that you’ve been to?

©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos above.

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