Kicking It Old School

No disrespect to the advances in technology, but there is nothing like a simple notepad, my purple Moleskine notebook, some good old-fashioned Post-Its sticky notes and a pen with a smooth and easy flow…

I make no excuses for kicking it old school from time to time.

What’s one of your “old school” habits?

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40 thoughts on “Kicking It Old School

    1. 😆 Have you ever stumbled across THE most amazing pen that writes soooo smoothly, gives you the perfect grip and flow…it’s sooo nice that you never ever let anyone borrow it and you find yourself sad to learn that it has been discontinued? I am a pen freak! ✒✒✒✒

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      1. Yes, I have. Many times….It makes Danny mad because he will lose his pens at work then come and get mine…I usually have a at least one where ever I sit. He takes it and doesn’t tell me. All of a sudden am doing without.
        I also know about having things discontinued. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
        I take care of my things. I know you do as well.
        I get tired of all the decluttering things I see. I want my old journals….My notes. My scraps of paper.
        I may need to clean and get rid of things but I don’t want a stale home either.
        I love journals and notebooks……
        I want to write…..

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        1. 🙂 I have special pens too but I learned a good trick – just don’t tell anyone, ok? When I go to conferences, I take extra pens (you know, the ones they have in the little cup holder on the table with “conference pens”) and I shamelessly take a 4 or 5. Then I purposely leave them all over my house so that when they are borrowed, I don’t care or better yet, I “give” it to them so that I keep my “nice” one! Sneaky, no?

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    1. Post Its = my Delaney/Alejandro storyline. I read an article about a cool way to outline a story. With the post its, I choose one color per character and brainstorms scenes and stick them to the wall. Then i am able to rearrange the order of things if the timeline makes no sense and interconnect/overlap different character plots. Purple moleskine = blog post ideas, blog titles, phrases from songs that inspire ideas. Purple notepad = when I am outside sitting on my deck in a lounge chair and need something sturdy. Oh my, how complicated!😆


    1. As a kid, I used to have penpals in far away countries and look forward to getting mail. The good old days! Just 2 weeks ago the government took away door to door mail delivery…a sign of the times😣


      1. tlizzy

        So what do do for your post? Id love for more opportunities to write to people and get to know them the good old fashioned way. Emails facebook etc take out the personal aspect of it. It feels generic. Then with the days we live in now im worried to send out my address lol

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          1. tlizzy

            People would set fire to our mailboxes if we had something like that here. Its not exactly a place where people respect other peoples things! What a shame that this is happening to you.x

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