Sabor a mí


flamenco beach at night

Photo credit: realityfanclub / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

“You’re really good with him.”

Being in the sun on the beach all day had drained everyone’s energy so soon after dinner, I helped Emme tuck in Adrian and Nate. Instead of giggling themselves to sleep like the night before, the boys fell asleep within minutes.

“Nate is a sweet boy. It’s easy to be good with him.”

Emme laughed loud enough for the boys to stir. She motioned to the door and I followed her out. She quietly shut it behind us.

“Sure, Nate adores you but I was talking about Aleja. Even Ric has noticed a change in Aleja. Sure, he was always the most level headed and calm one of the group but something has definitely changed. He seems so content on a deeper level.”

I was a little embarrassed at her words and since I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t respond.

“The two of you should take advantage of some quiet time tonight since the little ones are asleep so early.”

I just smiled and followed her back where we had all been sitting by the pool.

It was humid and the night sky was brimming with so many stars that it would have been a crime to have our drinks indoors. Ric had turned on some music, which only added to the already romantic ambiance. I felt Aleja’s eyes on me the moment we stepped back out onto the patio. I took my seat next to him and he put his hand on my thigh, giving it a light squeeze. The goosebumps all over my body knew no end.

“The boys are down for the night,” Emme announced as she sat down next to Ric. “Let’s toast to the absolutely amazing day we had.”

Ric grabbed the bottle of wine and poured us each another glass to empty it.

“¡Un brindis!”


We raised our glasses and clinked them together. I watched as Ric and Emme kissed and then she whispered something in his ear. His nod was almost imperceptible. Ric got up, taking hold of Emme’s hand and led her to the more open area of the patio where they started to slowdance. From the way that they were with each other, it was obvious that their relationship was far from burning out.

We watched them for a few minutes until Emme nodded to Aleja as if to say, get up and dance with her.

Aleja laughed and stood up. He bowed at the waist in a princely gesture and extended his hand.

“Would you care to dance señorita?” There was a huge smile on his face.

“Of course.” I took his hand and stood up, also smiling.

He kissed my hand and led me to where Ric and Emme were dancing. Aleja held me close and we swayed to the rhythm of the soft music. His chin rested against the side of my damp forehead. The heat of his body and the night engulfed me, making me feel giddy. I gave up on keeping my head balanced, rested it on his chest and closed my eyes. Aleja tightened his hold on me. A few songs later, I heard Emme clear her throat to get our attention. I quickly opened my eyes.

“We’re going to head upstairs, it’s been a long day. But the two of you should stay and finish off this other bottle. It’s a beautiful night. You shouldn’t waste it.”

Emme winked at me, making her intentions ridiculously obvious.

“Enjoy your evening.” Emme grabbed hold of Ric and they disappeared into the house.

“Emme doesn’t know how to give a hint, does she?” Aleja joked, grabbing his wine glass. I laughed and did the same. We sipped in silence for a while and the electricity between us was palpable.

He extended his hand and led me back to where we had been dancing. We continued where we had left off, melted into each other, just swaying to the music.

“I’m in love with this entire CD. What song is this?” I asked into his chest. He smelled and felt so good.

“It’s Sabor a mí  by Luis Miguel from his Romances album.”

“I need my own copy. It’s beautiful.”

“I agree.”

I didn’t know how long we’d been dancing but somewhere along the way, the music faded and all I could hear were the sounds of the night around us. I stopped dancing and pulled away.

“What are you doing?” Aleja frowned down at me.

“The music stopped.”

“There is always music if you listen closely enough.” Aleja was dead serious. He took me back into his arms and we continued to slowly sway, back and forth.

I was far from tipsy but between the wine, the early day we’d all had and being pressed up against him like that, the combination was messing with my head in the most delightfully disastrous way.

It was time to take this upstairs…

To be continued with “By The Time This Night Is Over”.

©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos above.

“Sabor a mí” is a continuation of  “Culebrita” and “Rock The Boat”, originally featured as guest posts.

If you would like a little musical interlude as you read, be sure to click on the hyperlinks included!



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