In response to Day #3 prompt “One-Word Inspiration”

one-word inspiration


You say that it’s my fault
I should make the time for it,
if I really wanted to
I would find a way and that
I have no one to blame but myself

At the most convenient of times for you
you say these things
perched high and comfortably on your pedestal
when the proper impressions no longer need to be given to the “right” people
and it’s time to amuse yourself

You didn’t have to do it. No one asked you to. You made the choice.

In your times of need, wants and desires,
helping you propel through rocky waters to reach higher heights,
you never utter a word about “fault”, “time” and “blame”
those words disappear from your lexicon and
you silently demand my full attention

You dangle obstacles in my way,
throwing wordy grenades to my left and to my right,
to keep me on the trail of
where you want me to stay

I always sit on the sidelines,
in the same seat,
watching you “do you“,
enjoying the fruits of my labor,
essential when you choose
expendable when you want

The loathing and hate
bubbling in my throat
can no longer be contained,

I will no longer hold it in
I will exhale and let it out

 ©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


20 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Hi There! I just wanted to make you aware that you are posting items I believe are meant for your own blog…I think that I emailed you about this before…This is great material for your blog.


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