REBLOG: What Life offers to Me

REBLOG: Awards, awards, awards! They keep going around and around and around! 

JeanixAngel nominated me for a Liebster Award and since my blog is an “award free zone”, as a thank you for the kind thought, I am re-blogging the post below…

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My brain is blank, as blank as the white page in my computer screen. It’s almost an hour since I stared the blinking cursor in this blank page.


My heart yelling something that my brain can’t point out what its mean. No… my heart feel that life is so unfair, which my brain choose not to understand the reality about how bias life is;

Yes, I have a job; yet, it still I didn’t feel satisfaction and security.

Yes, my family is always there for me; yet, I still feel guilt if I can’t provide them the better life.

Yes, I fuelled my heart with full of love; yet, I feel that I slowly lost my self-respect.

Yes, I invest trust; yet, I still affected of the deceiving game of confusion.

Yes, I am smiling; yet, deep inside my heart suffers in the midst of isolation.

Yes, I have life…

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