REBLOG: Imposter Syndrome

REBLOG: Vellissima nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award and since my blog is an “award free zone”, as a thank you, I am re-blogging the post below.

This particular post speaks to a dilemma that I think we have all faced at one point in time and in some facet of our lives.

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My formal education ended with my doctoral candidacy. There were many reasons for my not completing my dissertation, but the only surprise, in my own mind, is that I made it that far in graduate school.

My family was poor, working class and rather itinerant. I went to several elementary schools, and a few high schools. I lived in 9 or 10 houses before I graduated from high school.

By the time I found my way to college, I had lived in more houses than I had years, and had a 6 year old child (who had lived in more homes than she had years). But I had found a good income during the 70’s and was able to afford to go to school, so long as I worked part-time and summers.

I took a standardized entrance exam for university and didn’t know how to read it. I thought the numbers…

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