REBLOG: The Wait

REBLOG: Anushka H. nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award and since my blog is an “award free zone”, as another thank you for the kind thought, I am re-blogging the post below.

I LOVE a great piece of fiction and this one is so full of emotion that it draws you into wanting more. And more.

It’s a difficult task to create such feeling in a short piece and this one definitely does just that!

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M xoxo

A Dark World Inside

Days went by, scrubbing the floor and quieting her heart. She would work throughout the morning, and lay still all night, thinking about the last time she had laid eyes on him. Those soft touches and those silent whispers came back to haunt her at the very peak of the night, when her heart couldn’t endure the bleeding and her body, the yearning.

She looked back to the day her husband, her beloved husband, had opened arms to an unknown fate, and showered her with promises that he would return, yet wary in the heart of hearts whether he would make it through. Truth be told, she had never wanted him to go away to the war, but how could she say so? Being his wife, wasn’t she meant to provide all the strength and support she could? So, she put on a brave face, awarded him with a smile…

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