Guest Post: “Guilty” – Rosema Gonzales of A Reading Writer

In response to the Day 19 assignment, “Feature a Guest”  – “Guilty” by Rosema Gonzales of A Reading Writer

feature a guestImage by WaywardShinobi (CC BY-SA 2.0)
My innocent eyes cannot understand this chaos.
Mom’s crying so hard, so loud. She’s having a hard time breathing, too!
Her bright round eyes is now almost closed because she has been, wailing, sobbing and howling since she arrived home with my aunt, dad’s youngest sister.
They went to dad’s office. That I know because I am actually angry with mom because she left us with grandpa and grandma. She only brought with her my one-year old baby sister.
Aunt massages mom’s shaking hand while grandma (Inang), dad’s mom, shouts curses against dad.
Furious grandma also says, oh I mean shouts, a lot of bad words against a woman that is not around and that is unknown to me.
My three young sisters starts crying loudly, too, so I joined them!
Grandpa (Amang), dad’s dad, tries to condole us but we kept on crying or maybe wailing’s the correct term.
Mom finally speaks. “Inang, Amang, I am leaving and I will bring my daughters with me,” she says in between sobs.
They are stunned. I am stunned, too because my 7-year old mind understand that.
I ran and looked for dad.
I saw him laying down at our wooden bed.
He looked at me.
My young mind don’t understand what happened.
But my questioning eyes can see that dad’s eyes look guilty.
©2015 Rosema Gonzales
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