REBLOG: Writing 101: Day 20… OMG it’s over

REBLOG: I was nominated by Karate Fox for a Versatile Blogger Award here and since my blog is an award-free zone, I’m showing my appreciation with this reblog that describes how I think a lot of us feel when “challenges” are over… Be sure to give the blog a “read” here!  Cheers!  M

karate fox

I actually want to cry, It’s amazing how far this course has brought my blog in terms of traffic on my blog, my reading of which I used to do none and now I do every day and of course how much it has improved my writing. Although I was never on top of the tasks it became something I really looked forward to doing and it helped me discover new blogs that I found so interesting and entertaining.

In the future what do I plan to do?

Well, because this is a special occasion I will share one of my blog targets with you; to restart Foxy and Wolfie, me and my collaborator have been really busy and are only just starting to get back on top of our blogs. So be sure to look out for that!

I will of course do another blogging course as I have…

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