If I Can’t Have Summer, I’ll Fall For Fall


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Jillian of The Pink Panther Snipes Again challenged me to answer a questionnaire about autumn in this post.

Technically, this is not an “award” (my blog is an award-free zone) so I’ve decided that I’m accepting the challenge without the tagging forward of others.

If you don’t already follow Jillian’s blog, she watches bad movies and reviews them for the entertainment of herself and others. You should check out her Bad Movie Bucket List here.

This is my “twist” to the challenge questionnaire.

Autumn is my second favorite season but even being a “100% summer girl”, I can appreciate the beauty of fall.

When the weather starts to chill down, it’s time to chill out with some vanilla and cinnamon scented candles and kick back with my drug of choice – a hot, strong and too-sugary mug of Yaucono coffee. A late fall evening, with all the lights off, a favorite playlist, on the couch with a cozy blanket, the smell of vanilla mixed with cinnamon in the air…Simply chill.

The season always makes me reminisce to my childhood where, to me, fall represented new beginnings and a new school year. Actually, it still represents the possibility of new beginnings more than New Year’s Eve.

My favorite time of the season is Canadian Thanksgiving which also dances closely with my birthday. There is nothing like left-over turkey the day after the family dinner. Not being one to give up flavor for less calories, you’ll find me indulging in the darkest turkey meat and a large slice of piping hot apple-rhubarb pie with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream piled on top, sometimes on the same plate.

No matter how cold the season gets, you’ll never find me in a full-blown sweater. I am a zip-up type of sweater/hoodie person so that I can peel it off if necessary. And anyways, “real” sweaters make me look like I’m wearing a box.

No football games and jumping in leaf piles for me. Why wasn’t cider by the fireplace an option in the questionnaire?

Fall may be too early for others to break out the Christmas music but not for me. When I’m at home, one of the all-year Christmas internet radio stations is always keeping up with me in the background. My excuse? By the time December rolls around, life just gets too busy so I like to enjoy the feeling that good Christmas music gives me before the snow even starts falling. My decorations are usually up by mid-November. I see some of you shaking your heads so stop it. 🙂

And as for fall trends, I love forward to all the pretty decorations and Christmas lights in the stores but just not before Halloween.

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