REBLOG: “Where Charity Ends” – David Prosser

REBLOG: David Prosser from Barsetshirediaries is a fellow blogger whose work I would like to share with you all.

Not only do I love his blog “updates”, he is an accomplished writer who enjoys sharing other bloggers’ work.

This particular post of David’s also shows the sensitivity he has towards others and their plights.

Be sure to check out his blog!

M  xoxo


You all know how much I witter on about the damage that the conmen can do when they’re after your money. Clever dodges to make you believe something they’re not. But what about those who really are who they purport to be and yest can still cause untold damage? Author S.J.Sprague contacted me this morning regarding a case that has genuinely horrified me. If you want to skip my take on this go directly to   you can get the full story .

Basically, last week an amazing lady of 92 years of age named Olive Cooke ended her life by throwing herself into the Avon Gorge. She was Britain’s Oldest Poppy Seller. Her family have said that charity please were a contributing factor into her death. She was bombarded by letters asking for charitable contributions and her phone rang far more frequently than it should with similar…

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