If We Were Having Coffee, I’d Tell You That I Don’t Want Coffee…

Murphy's Law

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(This post was updated in January 2016 – see below)

Ok, so things were going well for the first two weeks and then Murphy crashed my personal “November challenge” party and threw a really big and ugly stick at my head.

Folks, that’s Murphy’s Law.

Don’t get me wrong, my NaBloPoMo postings are still up-to-date.

But I’m not where I wanted to be with my NaNoWriMo word count. I’m at 35,270 words as of tonight (instead of 36,674) and that is where my word count will be staying because after this post, I’m shutting this puppy down and going to bed.

So let me tell you about the tricks Murphy has played on me over the past few days because I’ll be putting all the blame on him…

The expensive Samsung front-load washing machine I only bought back in 2009 died and went to heaven on Thursday night.

Picture this, I’m watching Scandal and waiting for the load to “beep beep” so that I can run downstairs during a commercial break and throw everything in the dryer. Except Scandal is now over and the “beep beep” never comes. Upon checking, the machine is stuck on 26 minutes left in the cycle and nothing is moving and shaking. So I press Pause, open its door and get a faceful of smelly smoke! I immediately have smoke coming out of my ears because I know that my extended warranty was only for five years.

I’ve muttered the F-word more times over the past few days than I have in the past year…

Needless to say, for the rest of that evening and for the evenings that followed, I spent a lot of time troubleshooting the problem, wasting time with Samsung customer service and reading a horrendous amount of bad reviews about that brand of washing machine. Today, I resorted to voicing my disappointment on their Facebook page so I’m waiting to see what kind of response I’ll get.

I am not looking forward to appliance shopping. And it’s a good thing that I’ve got family living within a hop skip and jump away – at least I can still drag my laundry somewhere else and not need to rush into a purchase.

So my treadmill time was replaced with late night Samsung troubleshooting/research sessions, which led to:

  • even later nights to keep up with NaNoWriMo word counts which led to:
    • too much late-night snacking along with the writing, which led to:
      • no real Fitbit steps since Thursday, which led to:
        • having no energy and less sleep. I actually feel asleep at the salon yesterday while I was having my hair done and was too tired to even be embarrassed about it.

Fresh start tomorrow…

Next week, I’ll invite you out for a real coffee so that I can find about about what you’ve been up to and so that I can tell you a little about how my NaNo novel-in-progress went totally opposite to what I had initially planned.

Right now, I’ll be signing off, turning off the American Music Awards that is on as background noise and making me feel really old since I only recognize a few of the presenters and almost none of the actual atists…

M xoxo

©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Update January 2016: After 6 weeks without a functioning washing machine and a number of discussions with Samsung Canada representatives, we came to a mutually satisfactory “agreement”.



14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee, I’d Tell You That I Don’t Want Coffee…

  1. I felt the same way watching the awards and the performances were horrible. Hope the rest of the month goes well. I know I couldn’t have that well, so kudos to you. Scandal was a jaw dropper don’t you think? Good luck with the rest of your novel.

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