REBLOG: “Role Model?” by William Chasterson

REBLOG: William Chasterson’s blog is the one I’m very happy to share with you this week!

He has such a wonderful perspective on the world and the experiences he shares about Africa…well, they always catch my attention because they are so interesting.

His work is also quite intriguing…be sure to take a read at this reblog today!

Very talented indeed!

Be sure to check out the rest of his blog here!

M  xoxo






William Chasterson

Unexpectedly a sound caught my attention from among the shadows of a vine cluster.

“Pssst,” came the sound.

Cursing my curiosity I reluctantly walked towards the shadows. A large shadowy outline in the shape of a dog stood before me. A deep voice issued from the silhouette.

“Are you Christopher? I thought it was you I spotted earlier talking to that old fool.”

Suddenly the figure emerged from the shadows and towered over me. It was Leo the champion gladiator.

“I want to offer you a rare opportunity,” he said. “I want to offer you independence. You exert your energy to try and bring about change for the common animal and what has it gotten you? Nothing but grief. What you fail to realize is that the game is fixed. It doesn’t even matter which side you choose. They will take from you all that you have to give and…

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