REBLOG: “Writing Challenge (Day 30) – What Excites Me” – Pamela (K. Phoenix)

REBLOG: What excites me is that I’ve not only gotten to know Pamela from our exchanges on WP and on Twitter but I’ve gotten to know her even more through the writing challenge she just completed.

Pamela talks about this in the post that I reblogging today.

Challenges have a way of enticing you to share so much of your authentic self with the world!

Great blog posts, inspirational quotes on Twitter and a penchant for writing fiction, you should check out her blog here!

M xoxo

K. Phoenix

Ah! Today is the last day for this challenge and I had quite an experience. I was able to share life experiences, give you a glimpse through the window of my soul, (as so it seems), while learning a few things from you all.

One more time, today I want to share what excites me, and below I want you to comment on what excites you; what ever it may be.

 What excites me is love. A love for another is beautiful. In this day and age we need love more than ever. What excites me about love, all types of love, is the will to do for others before yourself. Or to start the day off with a person(s) in mind and you won’t let the day go by without sending some love their way in person or cyberspace. It’s exhilarating!

Whether it’s love for a spouse/significant other, or…

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