Facebook Creeps Me Out

graphic taken from my log-in screen on Facebook

I’m shifting myself more and more towards Twitter as my first choice of social media. I’m not an expert in how it all works but I’m really good at retweeting stuff I like! 🙂

For me, Twitter seems to be a quicker hit to get the information I want.

I never really liked Facebook that much, especially with their ever-changing privacy terms. I also find it kind of creepy how “Friend Suggestions” pop up, showing me people I knew years ago and am no longer in contact with. It’s creepy because these people are not in my contact lists and I’ve never “searched” for them either. Why would they turn up as suggested friends?

I understand that when you sign up for apps and accounts like Facebook, you are signing away a little bit of your soul and potentially a whole lot of your privacy. And after attending a law seminar about social media last year, I understand even more what the negative aspects of connecting online are. The lawyer’s presentation was filled with true stories and I think that most of us in the audience that day went home seriously considering the “delete” buttons on our FB accounts and a hot shower…

But just the other day, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, maybe because I don’t log in on a regular basis. As I was logging out, the graphic you see above popped up. Out of curiosity, I rebooted my laptop and lo and behold, the same graphic appeared.

I follow a number of authors who write multicultural romance books and a few blogs that focus on ethnicity and diversity literature.

Did this graphic pop up just for me because I follow those authors and blogs?

There is no other explanation for it.

Is this what is called “customizing” for the user?

If so, I don’t think that I like it.

What is your first go-to social media choice? What do you like about it?

©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the graphic above.


29 thoughts on “Facebook Creeps Me Out

  1. I’m enjoying Facebook though I’ve thoroughly researched how to protect myself. The “people you might know” friend suggestions are probably friends (or friends of friends) with some of your friends. The graphic shows up for everyone. Facebook encourages the idea of multi-cultural and diversity. Just proceed with caution on any form of social media. 🙂

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  2. I am on a FB hiatus and though it’s self imposed I do miss it. The little customizing quirks are creepy for now since cookies from sites that you have visited are being used to make your FB visit more “personal”. IG is my social interaction of choice. I’m love the eclectic mix of personalities I come across from vintage shops to small biz owners, to wonderful artists to Eco friendly cosmetics.

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  3. Writers are wordy; and sometimes you can’t condense what you want to share to the limited number of characters on Twitter. I use both: one to make people laugh and the other to keep in touch. Thanks for liking my post, “Something Special.”

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  4. Great subject, Marquessa. Even though I’ve been on FB for a few years those tricky friend suggestions got me a couple of times. I accidentally thought they were friend requests and next thing I know, I’m sending some distant acquaintance a friend request myself! Arrrrghh! Rookie mistake!

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  5. If u make a Twitter here’s my name Lopez_x0 I like it better then Fb ugh it’s more people friendly lol thanks for the follow following back and lovely blog as well😘

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  6. I really don’t have a first choice social media..tho’ I am on FaceBook and Twitter, G+ included. If at all I’d have to say something it would be on my blog..now blogging is what I would chose any day. Blogging has become this little part of me I can’t leave out 🙂 and the fact that I’ve met really wonderful people..is an added bonus

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