Writer 2 Writer: REBLOG: Missing In Action…Have You Seen Him?

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What do you do when a blogger that you have become attached to just ups and suddenly disappears into thin air?

I met an awesome Christian blogger and we were consistently  supportive of each other and I loved his quiet reflections. Sometime ago, he hinted on changes going on in his life though he was not specific and I didn’t needle to pry, but I sensed his unhappiness.

For several weeks, going on two months actually, he has neither posted nor visited and bantered with me like he would and after waiting for a while and missing his blessings sufficiently, I decided to go looking for him.

It was  a shock to find his blog was now private and needed a password. I sent a request for access some  3 weeks ago and not a peep.

I am almost tempted to mention his name and ask if anyone has…

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7 thoughts on “Writer 2 Writer: REBLOG: Missing In Action…Have You Seen Him?

  1. I have been in that situation and if I have made what I feel to be a genuine connection with the other blogger, as you clearly do with this chap, I would get his email from the comment section of your blog and write directly to him directly. It might not work but it has done on occasion. The truth is you often get a very vague sense of a person’s circumstances from their blog, and the wish to present a cheerful face in public can often hide the truth from those who only have your best interests at heart. Very best of luck with everything

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