REBLOG: WORD ON THE STREET IS…”There’s Spinach In Your Teeth!”

REBLOG: If you enjoy poetry, prose and spoken word by a talented fellow blogger, you will surely enjoy E’s blog.

This particular reblog makes me think of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and how people simply are too “busy” to remember what is important in life.

There are so many great inspirational pieces throughout her blog. Take the time to check it out here!

M xoxo


authenticitee speaks

Hey you!

You were walking so fast I could barely catch up! I know since you landed the new promotion, your schedule has spiraled out of control! I’m sure you didn’t see me when I was running for the elevator; probably had some big meeting to go to! I just wanted to tell you that the word on the street is, “you have spinach in your teeth!”

When I saw the toliet tissue stuck to the bottom of your shoe and noticed your slip hanging, I was trying to let you know but you kept brushing past me. Every time you turned your nose up when I tried to make eye contact, you had a bit of company in the corner of your left nostril. Oh and you kept muttering to the gentleman trying to open the door for you, ” Out of my way peon!”, but it’s Leon

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