REBLOG: “The beginning of life in Saudi” – Lynz Real Cooking

REBLOG: Let’s go back to the beginning and take a “read” at how Lynz started her life in Saudi!

lynz real cooking

When I first posted a story about my life it was early August, 2015. Since then I have met many new friends and they have asked how our life started in Saudi. So here is my first story for those who have interest. Tomorrow I will continue on with my life story from last week. The above picture is the first villa written about in my stories. This was days after arriving in Saudi.

As we walked up the cement stairs to the second floor,  crunch…. crunch and another crunch. The sound of crispy, dried out cockroach remnants crunched below our feet. The smell of bug spray in the extreme heat and the smell of cement or old tile or something, a smell I never figured out.

My 18 month old wiggled out of my arms and tried to walk up the last few stairs. I let her down to…

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