Snapshot Saturday: The Ringing Of The Bells

No excuses.

I heard the ringing of the bells and it was time for me to get my own before I dive back in for another round of tales from the mat.

At fitness bootcamp I participated in last year, the sweet lady who befriended me loaned me her extra kettle bell for class. Not being sure that I would survive the 6 entire weeks, I refused to invest in one for myself.

Yeah, I already know that I am frugal and way too practical at times…

But having decided to sign up for another round of nausea-inducing-cursing-under-my- breath-and-extreme soreness, I decided to buy one 5 lb kettle bell for $19.99.  But with a little more research, I realized that a 3 package set with DVD at $49.99 was the better option, especially if as I continue through the process.

I was prepared to drop the money and use the $15 gift card I had left to cover the rest.

But as the coincidence of fate would have it, the online list price of $49.99 turned into an in-store shelf price of $39.99, which then turned into a final sale price $29.99 at the cash. I’m assuming that it was some kind of additional “new year, new you” discount but I wasn’t about to ask why.

(Picture the lady from the Ikea commercial yelling “Get the car! Get the car!)

I was just glad that no one else was in the checkout line with me to see the big grin on my face.

Isn’t it always a thrill to pay much less than you expected?

The Ringing of the Bells

Image and content ©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


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