When I’m In the Mood


I don’t know about you but when it’s snowing outside and I’m chilling in my pj’s with nowhere to go fast, I’m usually in the mood for one thing.

Well, maybe more than one thing but mostly about one.


Yeah, I’m thinking about how good it would be to sit with my writing notebook, a podcast on as background noise and a huge bowl of piping hot “soupe tonkinoise” carefully balanced in my lap.

Noodles with grilled chicken over top, ginger, cilantro, faint whispers of star anise, green onions, a heaping side dish of Thai basil, bean sprouts and lime wedges and a dash of sriracha or hoisin for good measure…

There is just something soothing about the journey to the bottom of a big, deep bowl of deliciousness while jotting down new writing ideas.

Go ahead, curl up on the couch with me and share about what comforts you on a chilly/rainy day.

I know you want to… 😊


37 thoughts on “When I’m In the Mood

  1. I LOVE Thai food, and nothing makes me happier than Chicken Pad Thai and a bowl of Tom Yung soup. But, on rainy days I want chicken and dumplings…my mom’s recipe…with sage and rosemary mixed into the dumplings.

    Oh great – now I want some and there isn’t a cloud in the sky! LOL!

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  2. PHO.
    There’s a Vietnamese place I love that’s in the worst part of town … but serves the best pho. Do you put hoisin sauce in it? I mix that and sriracha and dip the noodles in it.
    Now I want pho.

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  4. Hmm. Well, I like being wrapped in a blanket, lounging in a chair. I’d keep the windows open to let in all the light possible and I would treat myself to some warm food. I don’t run into snowy days where I live but I do run into cold and rain ones. Heck, that was actually today! 🙂 But what would comfort me is diving into the blog-o-sphere. I just love being here! 😉

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