When You’re In the Mood

I don’t know about you but when it’s snowing outside and I’m chilling in my pj’s at home with nowhere to go, I’m not thinking about sitting at my bay window with a hot mug of cocoa.

I’m thinking about how good it would be to sit and watch the snowflakes fall with a large piping hot bowl of soupe tonkinoise (pho).

Beef or chicken, filled with noodles, ginger, cilantro, whispers of star anise, green onions and accompanied with a heaping side plate of Thai basil, bean sprouts and lime wedges and a dash of sriracha for good measure…



I discovered my love for pho many years ago when some colleagues and I used to have lunch once a week in Chinatown.

I was hooked from the first spoonful. Now, it’s very rare that I order anything else when I go to Vietnamese or Thai-style restaurants.

There is just something soothing about the journey to the bottom of a big, deep bowl of deliciousness.

What I’ve attempted to make at home doesn’t come close to what I can order in or take out. And it probably never will.

From what I understand, authentic pho can take hours, even days to make. I just don’t have the patience or inclination when a take-out menu is stuck to the fridge with a magnet….

What comforts you on a snowy (or cold rainy) day?

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30 thoughts on “When You’re In the Mood

  1. I LOVE Thai food, and nothing makes me happier than Chicken Pad Thai and a bowl of Tom Yung soup. But, on rainy days I want chicken and dumplings…my mom’s recipe…with sage and rosemary mixed into the dumplings.

    Oh great – now I want some and there isn’t a cloud in the sky! LOL!

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  2. PHO.
    There’s a Vietnamese place I love that’s in the worst part of town … but serves the best pho. Do you put hoisin sauce in it? I mix that and sriracha and dip the noodles in it.
    Now I want pho.

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  4. Hmm. Well, I like being wrapped in a blanket, lounging in a chair. I’d keep the windows open to let in all the light possible and I would treat myself to some warm food. I don’t run into snowy days where I live but I do run into cold and rain ones. Heck, that was actually today! 🙂 But what would comfort me is diving into the blog-o-sphere. I just love being here! 😉

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