*Event Over – Doors Closed* – “Shameless Self-Promotion “5 à 7″ Blogging Event” #WriterWednesday

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Event is over! Thanks to all the lovely bloggers who participated! We had some amazing exchanges! Keep your eyes open for my #FF on Twitter to YOU this Friday March 18, 2016!

Welcome to the “5 à 7”!

Thanks for joining the party! If this is the first time that you are hearing about this event, the rules are below. For those who are already in the know, JUMP IN!

What do you need to know about attending tonight’s event?

1. Since this is an opportunity to mix, mingle and shamelessly self-promote your blog or a specific post, you must:

  • leave ONE link to your blog or post in the Comment box;
  • mention if your link contains MATURE/18+ content;

2. When you leave your link:

  • introduce yourself;
  • tell us a little about your blog; and
  • shamelessly tell us what is absolutely awesome about the link you are sharing.

3. VISIT at least three links from other party-goers, say hello and/or leave a comment directly on their blog;

4. REBLOG this post and/or SHARE this post on social media like Twitter and/or Facebook – the more the merrier;

If you prefer to be a wallflower and simply people-watch, that’s fine but it would be more fun if you mingle!

This event is about promoting your blog/post, NOT about selling or pushing a product. Security will be doing their best to do random frisks at the door so guests shouldn’t break this rule.

When I need to step away from the party, all guests are expected to remain their best behavior. 🙂

And of course, you are responsible for buying your own drinks and “amuse-bouches”.

If guests are having arriving, the doors could remain open past 7:00PM EST.

Although I’m hosting this party, you’re not required to follow my blog. I blog as a hobby and as a fun way to maintain my writing habit and learning from others.

Now that you know the entrance rules, let’s have a little FUN!

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.







99 thoughts on “*Event Over – Doors Closed* – “Shameless Self-Promotion “5 à 7″ Blogging Event” #WriterWednesday

  1. Since I organized this 5 à 7, I’ll get the ball rolling…I’m Marquessa and my blog is place for me to “spin” my fiction, share music that gives me writing ideas and every now and then, I share anecdotes and “life” stories.
    I’ll be shameless and say that I love the Two Can Play That Game –Part I fiction I wrote. Why? Because it challenged me to put myself in Tyler’s shoes and create a womanizer with a heart.
    You’ll have to bear with me since this is the first event I’m hosting….I’ll try to greet everyone at the door but just in case I don’t, it’s only because I went to order myself some appetizers! 
    Have fun!

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  2. Thanks for hosting Marquessa! Since I’m an overachiever and always do things earlier than expected, I’ll keep the ball rolling 😉 My name is Kathy. My blog is full of inspirational kwotes, stories and images. I’m sharing this post because so many people seem to love it! Please enjoy and I’ll take a look at your blog as well.

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  3. Hi Marquessa! Thank you for hosting this event. I’m Lindsay. I’m a self-published children’s book author, illustrator, mom, partner, crafter, husky pack leader and home schooler. My blog gives readers a first class ticket on my train to crazy town.
    My link is for a post I wrote a few days ago titled A Toddler Mom’s Open Letter To Her High Heels. It’s my funny take on a break up note to my high heels after my kids have come along. https://homehugshuskies.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/a-toddler-moms-open-letter-to-her-high-heels/. I hope you like it.

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  4. Felicia here, and “Nesie’s Place” – http://nesiesplace.wordpress.com – is relatively new. Currently, it’s focused on author support – cover-reveals, release blitzes, excerpts, and character interviews. (I love character interviews!)

    But, as I get closer to publishing my debut novel, “In The Best Interest of the Child”, there will be teasers, excerpts and updates from/about the book. What’s it about? Driven by her own childhood tragedy, a child advocate attorney, Olivia Chandler, fights to save children from abuse and neglect when she comes face to face with a case that forces her to finally confront her own demons from her time in foster care.

    Regardless of what’s going on with me and my publishing journey, there will always be space to support other authors. Want to be featured? Hit me up!

    Warning: I am weird and sarcastic to a fault! Proceed at your own risk! 😛

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    • Hey Felicia! I will say that you do an AMAZING job at supporting authors. When your novel comes out, we’ll do the same for you! The novel sounds intriguing. And I love weird and sarcasm so no caution is necessary for me! Mix and mingle! 🙂

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    • Character interviews are so interesting! I can’t wait to read them.

      I followed your site so I can follow you publishing journey. I’m following a similar path. I have a book I’ve been writing for a year nearing completion and my #NaNoWriMo work from 2015 edging closer to the finish line.

      What’s you NaNo handle? Are you doing Camp NaNo this year?

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      • For me, I’m skipping Camp NaNo since I’m diving head first into the A to Z Challenge. My goal is to use the 26 posts from that challenge to publish as a larger work just to get my first wet with the self-publishing world…

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      • I started my book during NaNoWriMo 2015 too! Handle is Feleeza! Probably won’t do Camp NaNo since I’m trying to publish in spring. Have undergone only one edit and am STILL over 100K word count! This is madness – my characters are out of control – but it will make the character interviews fun! Followed you too!

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        • I added you as a buddy on NaNo.

          I tried to push myself to publish by a certain date but for me I’ve realized it’s more organic. I’m relearning how to write as a writer not a paper producing student. I’ve been out of college for ten years and those rules, well, let’s be honest are a suggestion sometimes. Lol! So, I’m going to finish my book then try putting it on preorder for a few months.

          My NaNo work is progressing faster than the one I worked 6 months longer on, it’s mind boggling.

          Wow, each of mine are 50K. That’s great!

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  5. Thanks for hosting this, Marquessa – as I’m fighting the urge to whip up a round of champagne margaritas!

    I’m Rachel, and I started my blog in the fall as a means to host carryover from the novels I’m working on, as well as some of my random thoughts in regards to writing, and somehow it’s spawned short stories.

    What is absolutely awesome about this link I’m posting: I reached a point where I was really frustrated with revising – the question of “what do I keep and what do I cut?” And I wrestled with whether or not it was relevant to the manuscript as a whole, and decided it wasn’t. But I made it into a short story, of Elisabeth, my protagonist, telling her best friend why she had to cut a mutual friend of theirs out of her life.

    It’s now part of “The Elisabeth Chapters,” short stories that have turned into a whole new life for the main character. Plus, I got to reference “Sex and the City” in this excerpt, which is set in the fall of 2001.


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  7. Thanks for running this, Marquessa!

    I’ve recently started blogging at http://www.unchained55.com – it’s a blog on personal finance, starting with our journey to get out of debt and eventually our journey to financial independence (i.e. early retirement!)

    I’ve also just started blogging (as in, only one post so far) on my sleeping disorder, Idiopathic Hypersomnia, which I’m sure most people haven’t heard of but it’s a sleep disorder similar to Narcolepsy. I hope to bring awareness and also motivate others to keep going no matter how hard it gets sometimes, because it sure does get hard to stay motivated when your body just wants to shut down!

    I’ll be back in a bit – the oven timer is beeping! 🙂

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  8. Hi

    I have been loving this event and just looked at the clock to see it’s almost over. 😦

    I guess I should share my blog as well. http://www.brickleyjules.wordpress.com or http://wp.me/p6JjmP-pc for a link to an excerpt from one of my works in progress. It may be considered 18+ because of nudity in the passage.

    I’m an aspiring author, I have two works in progress that I am editing like mad to get self published. I started my writing journey about a year ago and my blog maybe six months ago. I share all sorts of things. I reblog interesting writer tidbits I find, excerpts, links to fellow authors… I guess you could say my blog is a reflection of the scattered mind my high school English teacher told me I had.

    If I haven’t yet I will try to go to everyone’s blog and check it out. Happy reading and writing!

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  10. Hello everyone, I’m a little late to the party. I’m Erin from Erin’s Big World . On my blog I like to share photos, poetry, personal narratives and a few DIY posts.

    What’s awesome about the link I’m sharing is that it’s to my home page which has all of my latest posts. https://erinsbigworld.wordpress.com/ I just started Photo101 for the second time and have been pushing myself creatively with photos and all of my latest photo adventures are on my home page. 🙂

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  11. This has been wonderful, Marquessa! I spent so much time blog hopping – liking/commenting/following – the time just flew by! Many thanks for hosting this fun event and I look forward to the next one!

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  13. Oh man, you know that crappy feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and realize that you missed A PARTY the night before? Crud! I was so excited about this I even made a Google calendar button, and I only do that when I’m super duper exited! I will now walk through the quiet empty room where ideas were exchanged and sip the remains of leftover glasses of wine and wish I had been there. I may even write an awkward comment or two. @aftheaded http://afthead.com/

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