“Mercedes Boy” – 5/5 – #teasertuesday #tuesdayteaser #flashfiction

Photo credit: Daniel Böswald via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


I decide to work a little later than usual to avoid going to the office 5 à 7. I have much more interesting plans for the evening with Mr. Right Now.

I hit the busy street and join the rest of the Thursday night crowds bubbling on the sidewalk. Instead of taking the subway, I decide to foot it back to my place. It’s cold but I don’t mind because it’ll give me an opportunity to clear my head.

I hear the crunch of slow rolling tires on the snowy street behind me and see a silver Mercedes pulling up alongside me.

The passenger window rolls down and I hear an annoying familiar voice. It’s Jack from the mergers department.

“Hey, do you wanna a ride somewhere?”

I guess that he’s not going to the 5 à 7 either.

“Thanks but I’m good.”

“I’m sure you are.”

His attempts at humor always fall on the highly inappropriate side and its easier to simply avoid him and his over inflated ego. Women at the office are friendly with him because he usually picks up the tab for lunch or after-work drinks. Jack isn’t stupid and knows the game.

“How about the two of us grab a drink and then I can drive you home?”

Like I’m going to let you drive me anywhere after having drinks or let you know where I live…

“I don’t drink,” I lie.

I keep my distance from the car. I’m not in the mood for all this useless banter.I just want to get home and prepare for my evening.

“Okay, how about a coffee?”

“Jack, I already have plans tonight.”

“What about another night?”

“My boyfriend wouldn’t like that,” I lie again.

“You don’t have one.”

I shoot him a look that clearly says that he should mind his own fucking business.

“You don’t know anything about my personal life Jack,” I hiss back with new Zoey’s voice.

“Well, that’s what the girls said about you.”

“Well, the girls at work don’t know everything about me. Have yourself a good evening Jack.”

I dismiss him and walk away. As I speed up my pace, I fume at his intrusiveness.

When I don’t hear his car drive drive away, curiosity gets the better of me and I turn around to see if he’s still parked.

It’s at that precise moment that I hear the revving of the engine, the screeching of tires and the blinding lights in my eyes.

Continuation – “Pillow Talk“.

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


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