Everybody’s Got A Story: “Joy” by Elizabeth Johnsen – Guest Post – #WriterWednesday

This guest post is beautifully written and inspiring.

“You are enough”.

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A relationship with myself was never encouraged when I was growing up. In fact my parents told me what I could read, what I should think, how I should spend my time, what my philosophy of life should be. They discouraged my burgeoning independence and called it rebellion. I learned well that they were always right and that therefore if my opinions were different to theirs they were clearly wrong. I learned that my intuition was not to be trusted. The strong message I got in a myriad of ways was that I was wrong.

My journey out of this belief is still ongoing. It began when I was nineteen with my first understanding that I was lovely and worthy of love. I remember a guest speaker at a young ladies retreat speaking about the lies we live by and the truth that sets us free. She prayed for me afterwards and as she spoke about how I was precious and of great value tears rolled down my cheeks and my heart began to open to this truth.

In the nineteen years since then my journey has had many twists and turns and I’ve learned many other lessons along the way. Like Jesus First, Yourself Last and Others In Between does NOT equal JOY. Joy for me has come as I have been learning to love myself first, to treasure myself, to allow myself the chance to finally get to know me.

At this present time this means prioritizing walks in nature and taking photographs as this really nourishes my inner being. It’s realizing that when all the family are at home (husband and three children 10 and under) it’s okay and right and good that I leave them to go out for a date with myself.

It’s making choices like signing up to a Counselling Course that is super relational because I know at my soul level that this is what I am here to do –  to encourage and empower women. And if this is what I am here for, why not now!

It’s listening to my soul…getting to know her, gently peeling back the layers of hurt and old stories to uncover her amazing-ness. It’s about following my intuition and choosing to read books I am drawn to; about reaching out to people online that I resonate with and making great connections. It’s about choosing to value me enough to spend money on a coaching programme…and the joy that is present as I’m feeling so very supported for the first time in my life.

So this is me…sharing that my old belief pattern that I was wrong, a misfit, and not enough is being systematically dismantled. A new belief is taking hold and growing ever stronger…and it’s true for ALL of us!

You are enough. You are valuable, precious, without equal. You matter. You have choice. You can prioritize yourself: its okay for you to love and value yourself first.

And as we do love ourselves more and more we will continue to discover that we have much more to give to those that we love because we are giving from a place of abundance and fullness.

Sending love to you my sisters! May we all continue to grow from strength to strength as we learn to love and trust our inner knowing.

Blessings, Elizabeth

©2016 Elizabeth Johnsen. All Rights Reserved.

Check out Elizabeth’s wonderful blog at: https://unravellingmysteriesblog.wordpress.com/




7 thoughts on “Everybody’s Got A Story: “Joy” by Elizabeth Johnsen – Guest Post – #WriterWednesday

  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to guest post, Marquessa, and for your kind words! Always love it when I see you’ve visited my blog! I’m now posting under my real life surname, Elizabeth Johnsen. Sorry I didn’t let you know – kinda forgot! Blessings!

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    • No problem Elizabeth! I edited the post to reflect your surname. These are great comments about your post. I hope that others continue enjoying your posts by following your blog! Thanks again for the guest post! 🙂


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