If We Were Having Coffee, I’d Tell You That…April’s Going To Be One Hell of a Ride

Coffee, Cup, Coffee Cup, Aroma, Cafe, Cake


It’s been months since we’ve had coffee together, eh?

So I thought I’d invite you out for an early morning cuppa java. Hopefully, it’s not too early for you…

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you that…

  • for the entire month of April 2016, I’ll be having lots and lots of coffee to keep up with the A to Z Challenge. It was easy to choose a theme but I may have bitten off more than I can chew because it’s proving to be a little difficult to develop short fiction to fit the songs that I chose that also interconnect with each other. Anyways, I’ve got a bunch of ideas rolling around my head but I’ll have time to paint myself out of a corner, if it happens, right? It’s getting down to the wire but you could probably still sign-up, if you’d like to join me and the other 1679 participants!
  • I’m looking forward to spending time perusing some of the other 1679 participant blogs. I spent some time last weekend creating a special RSS list just for the A to Z blogs I’ll be checking in on from the reveal list of 539. There are so many great themes rolling around that you may want to check them out even if you aren’t participating.
  • I will NOT  be able to keep up with regular “non-A to Z” blogs while participating in the challenge myself and reading “A to Z” posts all at the same time so I’ll resurface on your blogs when the challenge is over! 🙂

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you that…

  • I hosted my first blogging event on March 16 and loved the interaction we had. It was small and I enjoyed being able to respond to each and every comment as they popped up. The interaction between all those who attended was amazing and in appreciation, after-party goodie bags were enjoyed!
  • I plan on doing another event, maybe in June 2016 with another slightly twisted theme (if I can figure out if comment approvals can be turned off on a single post).

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you that…

  • April 6, 2016 will be the anniversary of my first fiction post, Addicted to Fear, written for a WordPress Blogging U assignment. That Writing 101 course was pivotal in helping me rediscover my passion for writing and in helping me develop a writing habit. Now, I make the time to write, even if it’s just for 30 minutes at the end of a long day. Writing is not just a love but it’s also a stress-reliever.
  • I appreciate our blogging community and how when I ask a question, someone always responses, like when I posted about California.  The feedback was great! If I ever do make the trip one day, I already have first-hand tips about what to see and what to do!
  • I’m not great at giving each and every new blogging friend and follower a personalized “hello”, nor am I timely about thanking those who nominate my blog for “awards”. So since we’re hanging out now, I’ll take the opportunity to say these two simple words to you now…


Now, I’ll be taking a deep breath to dive into a pool of 26 songs for 26 posts.

M    xoxo


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