When #God Makes Procrastination Your Friend

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God works in mysterious ways. This time around, He saw fit to make procrastination my friend and didn’t bother telling me.

Being a #GTD and Eat That Frog kind of gal for most situations, it was really bothering me that I still hadn’t put away my boxes of Christmas decorations or straightened up the downstairs den since the holidays were over.

Yes, First World problems…

Each and every time I’d attempt to tackle the job, a little voice would distract me into doing something completely different. After the first few weeks of January, I gave up and decided to clean and organize everything else in the house and leave the den for last.

Why bother when I’d probably be adding stuff to the den and could make one full clean sweep of the area when I got to  it?

A Sunday morning in March, a cup of coffee as breakfast and all prettied up in my let’s-get-dirty clothes, I was ready for battle with a capital B. It only took a few hours for my #fitbit to surrender at 10k steps as I organized designated areas for all the things that needed to be put back in their proper places. The entire objective was to get the stuff for the crawl space back into place so I decided to do that first.

I mentally prepared for the body contortions involved into getting into the crawl space, crawled in without turning on its light and found the most unexpected Sunday surprise…

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