Crossing the Bridge Before Getting To It

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I’m a planner and I like control.

I think that most planners enjoy control and always need to be a few steps ahead of any given situation, otherwise a variety of silly worst case scenarios will keep them up at night.

That’s me right about now.

My brain is crossing so many bridges before even getting to them and what’s worse is that some of those bridges haven’t even been built.

Renovation delays, unexpected surprises, obstacles…you name, I think I’ve seen it.

Am I making any sense?

Probably not.

My brain is too tired to even try to find a “silver lining” to end this post on a positive note…

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25 thoughts on “Crossing the Bridge Before Getting To It

  1. I used to be all about control too but I realised that it was only stressing me out when I’m thrown a curveball. I try to be more flexible these days. If you’re crossing bridges, enjoy the view! 🙂

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  2. In my head if it’s not done a certain way then something will happen. I don’t know what but it’ll probably be bad. I went to St. Louis a year or so ago and had to let the hubby run the show.

    To my surprise it all went okay. Nothing bad happened because the girls didn’t get a bath every night or go to bed per the schedule.

    I started letting him help me. I’m not Super Mom but I was trying to be. It was keeping me drained, isolated. He does some activites in the evenings everyweek with the kids. Before I did every activity.

    NaNoWriMo also taught me my kids are capable of doing more than I was letting them. They now pick ip their own clothes, take their dishes to the kitchen and even empty the dishwasher.

    Releasing control was hard but liberating. Super scary at first though. That thought lingered for a while. If it’s not done this way… But the wirld didn’t end with a mofified schedule or a different captain at the wheel.

    Look out, I may do Girls Night Out soon. Lol!

    Basically I love order but sometimes chaos can be refreshing. Plans are great but maybe this can be an oppurtunity to allow spontaneity in.

    I hope your renovations are speedy. Hang in there.

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  3. I’m the complete opposite of control freak, organization skills and time management completely elude me, but I watched my mom struggle with it for most of my life (she still does, just not nearly as bad) so my heart goes out to you and I hope everything works out. Keeping positive thoughts flowing your way! 🙂

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  4. I struggle with this too! I can be spontaneous as long as I made the decision to do something spontaneous if someone else springs it on me, it gives me MAJOR anxiety. I’m such a control freak 🙂 I feel your pain

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