What Are You Grateful For Today?

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Today, I need to remind myself to be grateful, even in the situation I’m wading through.

Everyone keeps saying it and I know that it’s true – “It could have been worse.”

I just need a reminder every once in a while.

Tell me, what are YOU grateful for today? Name as many as you can in the comment box below!

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63 thoughts on “What Are You Grateful For Today?

  1. I’m grateful for my family, coffee definitely, and I’m feeling very blessed lately with all of the new people I’m connecting with online, whether it’s here through our blogs or on Goodreads, there has just been an amazing amount of friendly, helpful and supportive people coming into my life lately, so very grateful that the good and positive is still thriving in our world! 🙂

    I hope your days only get better from here!

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  2. First, I will keep you in prayer for the situation you’re wading through. That the Lord will strengthen your resolve and your spirit as you take one step at a time.

    I am grateful for the healthy birth of my third child, and for the joy she has added to my family.

    I am grateful for finding the strength to let go the things of my past; finally grasping that I can’t go back in time to make things better. I am grateful for the peace that has overwhelmed my life with this new strength.

    I am grateful for the friends in my life who remind me of the beauty this life (even at its ugliest) has in store for each of us.

    I am grateful for the eyes that see the dignity of the human person – that all of us are made in God’s image; intentionally and beautifully made.


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  3. I’m grateful that my husband’s Stage 4 kidney disease is now under control and managed with dialysis. And, that he is a good candidate for a transplant.

    It was really scary there for a moment, but he’s getting back to his old self, minus 50 pounds of fluid…in a month, so I can once again take pleasure in annoying him! 😀

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  4. I am grateful for my husband’s health – he was finally cleared to drive this week after having a seizure earlier this year, and he said to me, “for the first time in months, this is the most healthy I’ve felt.”

    My dad always has a saying, “You complain about having no shoes, but then you meet a man with no feet. … So your life isn’t that terrible!” 😀

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  5. I’m grateful for 26 degree Celsius weather in May
    I’m grateful I got paid.
    I’m grateful for finding the blog of a fantastic fiction and poetry writer last night ( I think you’d like her too Marquessa)
    I’m grateful to have writing to keep me busy.
    I’m grateful to have a God who takes care of me.
    I’m grateful for my friends and family.
    I’m grateful you will have a lovely renovated basement, even though the flooding was tough and exasperating.

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  6. And I should respond to your original post, too, not just the comments! I hate to admit, but you probably already know, I am not the most positive, look-on-the-bright-side kind of person. Usually when someone asks me what I’m grateful for, it takes me a long time to get through the list of crap before I can even think of anything good.

    But today— you and mandibelle have made my day with your comments on my writing. I am very grateful for that!
    I’m also grateful for my family, the sunshine outside today, good hair days, and this new bra I got that makes me feel really hot. 😀

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  7. Oh am having such a hard time with gratitude right now, and have no good soggy reason to feel that way. So thank you for the reminder. I’m grateful for:
    1. My healthy, beautiful, smart kiddo.
    2. The amazing year she is having at school and her fantastic teacher.
    3. My friends both in the blog world and in the real world.
    4. My family and their willingness to put up with me this time of year when I become a crazed maniac.
    5. The aformentioned new bra (and underwear) that I purchased this week after putting my foot through the part of my underwear that is supposed to cover my buttock cheek.

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  8. I’m not all that thankful for myself since I’m still “fighting” with life. Yet, I am thankful to be alive and that my daughter is alive and well. Thanks for the reminder. Reading over the comments, I need to take in account of being thankful for something.

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  9. Today I am grateful for life, for breath and for health. Even though it’s not at its best and I’m suffering with stomach pain it could all he worse. So I am grateful that I can bare it. I’m grateful that that I have a husband who can take care of things when I am unable to work and bring in an income because I’m sick. I’m grateful for so many things but most of all life.

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