#WriterWednesday: 5 Blog Posts You Need To Check Out!

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Happy #WriterWednesday!

I had originally planned to reblog these wonderful blog posts individually.

But since I’ll be chanelling Houdini and being busy, out and about over the next months, I’m sharing these now.

I didn’t want to keep these blog posts I enjoyed all to myself… 🙂

You’ll be glad that you checked out these blogs! And don’t forget to say hello directly on their blogs and follow them for more great work!

*Comments are disabled on this post so go directly to their blogs to comment*

The Look | Koko Boocro: This powerful piece demonstrates that sometimes you can’t break what is unbreakable.

Wallflower | Jennifer Terry @terry_jenn: Jennifer Terry shows us how #flashfiction is done right!

Cut to the Chase: New Normal! | Kay Morris Writes: Do you enjoy serialized fiction? You’ll enjoy Kay’s work!

The Moor | Lovely Curses | Nortina @Nortina_Mariela:  Nortina is another talented writer who knows how to write great flash fiction!

Off The Grid: Single and Lovin It! | Musings of A Romance Junkie @musingsirj: A great reminder that “You are enough!”. And her blog is always entertaining!


M   xoxo



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