How Much Do You Love Your #Fitbit?

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I didn’t realize how much I loved my #Fitbit until I lost mine for a few days while rushing around with my last minute travel preparations.

Thanks to a suggestion from a fellow Fitbit forum user to download a “bluetooth” finder app and a walk around my house and car looking for its signal, I found it!

My Fitbit goes wherever I go, even now on holiday!

There is something so motivating about having my Fitbit vibrate and seeing those 5 little dots flash, telling me that I’ve reached my 10k steps.

And when I’m close to my 10k, I’ll find ways to hit that target.

I thought I could find even more motivation by joining a few public Fitbit community groups so I joined 3 aimed at people like us…writers:

  • Fitbit for writers!
  • Writers
  • WordPressers That Use Fitbit

But then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have fellow blogger WordPress friends whose blogs I follow as Fitbit friends too?

What’s my call to action today?

If you use a Fitbit and want to add me as a Fitbit friend, please do. My Fitbit user handle is always the same: Simply Marquessa and my email is Or, if you’d like for me to add you, let me know your Fitbit username/handle in the Comment section below.

I would absolutely love to add you to my list of “motivation”!

M   xoxo

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29 thoughts on “How Much Do You Love Your #Fitbit?

  1. I’ve been really tossing up getting one; if I do, I want the HR one. Problem is my wrists are super small and I don’t want the device to look super big and chunky! But it would be a great incentive to get off my butt!

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    • I’d love a new one but everytime something goes wrong with it Fitbit customer service sends me a replacement…so I have no excuse to spend money for upgraded model (frugal me). 😊


    • I have the HR in the smallest size. I was afraid of the same thing, it looking big and clunky. It took me about two weeks for me to adjust to it. The entire time, I HATED the way it looked. I felt big and clunky with it on. Now, it’s just another part of me. I miss it when I have to take it off to charge.

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    • Marathon? Not in MY vocabulary my dear!😁 I’ve only used Fitbit though there are others out there. I would love to upgrade to a purple fitbit Charge HR but frugal me says “not until it breaks”. But the few times I’ve had issues with my flex, they send me a replacement the next day! The customer service is awesome!


  2. I have with my phone a health app that comes with it, completely inaccurate and i downloaded apps in the last few years and I know how far I go, I used them to see the weird eagle eye view of my training, obviously we are being watched ;). I had a client 15 years ago that used something similar to fitbit. He would tell me how he did 4 miles a day for 6 month and was consistently around 31-32 minutes. Looking at him and training I said no way. I should have looked the device earlier. He was very crooked and what I found out and he sadly did too, was that many of these are pedometers. You input your height/weight and then it figures out your best stride length. But it does not allow for slowing down, jogging in place and such. I brought him to a track and said OK run a lap. 400 meters. he ran 2.5 minutes and practically passed out. He was paying 100a month for the service and he cancelled. His all out 400 suggested his pedometer runs were more like 12-13 minute miles. But I have heard enough about fitbit to know it is a better product.

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    • Thanks for that Paul. I guess that it gives a ballpark of steps taken. I always take mine off if I am using the snowblower/raking because it will give me “fake” steps. My S5 cell seems pretty accurate too but I don’t always have it on me.😊

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      • My cell is horribly off. Yesterday I mapped my rides. For some reason it does not consistently work with biking. I did have map my ride but my prior bike I rode fast and hard on it and it is dangerous by me with the cars and this bike is nothing in comparison and I try not to rush. My steps seem more accurate. I might set up a workout to be 50 meters of 2-5 exercises in a set, normally 3. I do anywhere from one of each to 10 of each. If I do one of each with a 50 meter walk back it is 300 meters per set and if i do 5 it will say I did close to a mile. Mind you I am doing it on a track or a field that is marked, so that works pretty close.


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